Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Nada nada nada Krishna

Nada  nada nada Krishna

Oothukadu Venkatasubba iyer

Translated by

Ragam Danyasi
Thalam Aadhi

Nada , nada, Nada  Krishna-ivvazhakkai  ,
Nalu peridam   chendru nyayam ketpom

1.Adam pidithu aayiram piravigal thanthai,
Athanayum thaghum yendru yethirundhene,
Kadamayil  karuthinil  kandalum kanden ,
Kalamum maarathe    , jalam nee cheivatho.

2.Karuthi mudiyatha  thava murai athuvum,
Ganithamariyatha  ara neri murayum,
Iruthi ariyatha marai mozhi palavum,
Yendrum  unakkaga poi sakshiyo.

1.Druvanai pol yenakku  china vayathillai,
THoonai udaikka   yendral  alavazhakku illai,
Drupadhan marumagan pol  sondhamum illai,
THondrina unnai  vida manam illai, illai.

2.THondru nee  cheytha  thanthiram kodi,
Sukhamuni  chonna Bhagawatham paadi,
Kandu konda  sukham  anantha kodi,
Kanakku vazhakku irukku   Nandan mania thedi.

English translation

Walk, walk, walk Krishna, we will seek justice,
From some people about this case.

1.Adamantly you gave me one thousand births ,
I though that they are all suitable and took them,
I saw  them all  in  duties and in my thoughts,
Time will not change, Is it the tricks that   you are playing.

2,The  saintly life that could not be imagined,
The dharmic way that could not be  calculated,
And the vedic sayings  which do not have an end,
Are they all false   witnesses   for you?

1.I am not young like   Druva,
I do not have practice to kick the pillars,
I am not related to you like son in law of Drupada,
And I am not , not willing to leave you , who has appeared.

2. The tricks that you have done earlier are in billions,
After singing the BHagavatham as told by sage Sukha,
The pleasure that I got is in endless  billions,
There are accounts   about the searching of home of Nanda.

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