Sunday, September 20, 2015

Dr.V.R. Prabodha Chandran Nayar’s Malayalam Carnatic Krithis

Dr.V.R. Prabodha Chandran Nayar’s  Malayalam  Carnatic Krithis


        For a very long time I had been trying to get  Malayalam Krithis to translate  in to English, with a view to popularize them. Though Maharaja  SWathi Thirunal was a great  and well known composer most   of his Malayalam Krithis   were much  more Sanskrit .The only great composer   whose pure Malayalam Krithis that  I got were that  of the great “Iraviyamman Thampi”  who lived  between 1785-1855. I could get the lyrics of 5-6  Krithis of his though  he is supposed to have written about 50 Krithis .Hearing them in you tube   and writing them was  very difficult for me at my old age. Recently  I came across a  detailed article  about Kerala composers in I  would try to get  some of those compositions during my next visit to Kerala. It is  in the above reference that  I came to know  about a modern composer of Carnatic Music called DR. V.R.Prabodha  CHandran Nayar .I wrote to him and he graciously send me  his publication called “Prabodha Sangeetham” which contained 50 of his  Kruithis all in   simple Malayalam. I understand that he is more well known as  DR.VRP  Nair  and is   a Professor of Phonetics who has written  more than  400  Krithis  praising several temples and Gods of Kerala.  Kerala Sangeethacharya  Pushpa Krishnan  tuned   his compositions  and sung them and they are available   in the form of 2 CD’s   .I promptly requested  Dr.V.R.Prabodha Chandran Nair   permission to translate  his Krithis. And he graciously consented . I have translated  32  out of his  50  Krithis in to English   and have uploaded   them to my blog. 

   Those interested in  knowing more about these songs can  contact krishukailas at  yahoo dot com 

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