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Ayyappan theeyattil-a Malayalam Krithi

Ayyappan theeyattil-a Malayalam Krithi

Dr.V.R.Prabodha  Chandran  Nayar

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   (Theeyattu  is  ritual of worship followed in certain temples dedicated   to Lord Ayyappa, who is one of the most important Gods   worshipped  in Kerala.)

Ragam Atana
Thalam Thisra eka

Ayyappan theeyattil  , chenda melathilen,
Meyyellam    kori tharichu pokum ,
Poyyalla  ninne jnan kanum kalathil,
Yennayya   varnanchitha    roopanai

In the ritual worship of lord Ayyappa , hearing   the sound of drums ,
My entire   body   would get  benumbed.
It is not a lie , I would see in the  Kalam (ground of worship) ,
As a person who has been decorated  by various colours.

Charanam 1
Neyyabishekathal   suprasannasyanai  ,
Ayyappa, nee  arulukename,
Meyyariyaam  grahya  moortha   swaroopame ,
Veyyavathi prabha kaakename.

Charanam 1
Greatly pleased   by the anointing   in ghee ,
Oh Ayyappa , t you should shower  your grace  ,
For knowing the truth ,oh God who has a  form simple to understand,
Oh God who has  luster greater themn the Sun , please protect me.

Charanam 2
Dharmathil ninnu  vyathichalicheedolen ,
Karmangal  , yennalla narmangalum,
Dharma sasthave , nee allathillarum,
Dharma  prabodhakam   deepamai may.

Charanam 2
Let   not my activities  move away  ,
From Dharma  and not even from my sport  ,
Oh Dgharma Satha  , I do not have   any one except you,
 To show   me like a lamp the wisdom  of Dharma

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