Saturday, September 19, 2015

Ambala puzhayile Chembaka meyyane-Malayalam Krithi

Ambala puzhayile  Chembaka meyyane-Malayalam Krithi

DR.V.R.Prabodha chandran nayar

(In Kerala Amalapuzha  Krishnan is as famous as the  Krishnan of Guruvayur. This temple is very near to Alapuzha   town of Kerala. The Pal Payasam  prasadam of this temple is simply matchless   in taste . It is believed   that  when Tipu Sulthan attacked Kerala  , the idol of Guruvayurappan was   taken to this temple    for protection.)

Translated by

Ragam  Kapi
Talam aadi

Ambala puzhayile chembaka meyyane ,
Ambala kadavathu kathirikkum jnan,

I would be waiting for  the God whose body,
Is of   colour of Champa flowers ,
In the   bathing  ghat  of the temple.

Chempavizha chundil, punchiri, pon kuzhal,
Anbumai aa maayan Vannu nilkkum.

That enchanter  would come and stand there  with a smile,
Golden flute and   friendship.

Ambala poo maala peeli kolothu jnan,
Ambadi Kannannu  kaazhcha  vekkum,
Ambodha roopande ,minnalanee yezha,
Yen bodham ammattil annudhikkum.

I would present him with humility,
The flower garland of the temple and,
The stick with   the feather of peacock,
And  in the brain of this  poor one  who is the lightning  of that God,
Of him  who looks like cloud, a new consciousness   would rise.

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