Saturday, September 19, 2015

Harihara soono- A Malayalam Krithi

Harihara  soono- A Malayalam Krithi

DR.V.R.Prabodha  Chandran Nayar

Translated  by

   (A song about Lord Ayyappa  , the son of Lord Vishnu   and Lord Shiva.)

Ragam  Bilahari
Thalam Aadhi

Harihar soono , Dhyuthi jitha bhano,
Arinikarathinnu dhava  krusaano.

Oh Son of Hari and Hara who by his luster  wins over the sun,
Oh  forest  fire to the groups  of your enemies.

Athi Dheenan jnan , adi malar thozhunnen,
Gathiyathon , yen Saranam   neeye.

I am very suffering  person   and I salute  his  flower like feet,
I do not have any protection   and you are  my protection.

Sruthi bodhadha , Giri samuchitha Geha,
Rathi pathi thulya   manohara  deha,
Mathikamalathinnu  vidaraan aasa,
Kadhirukal thoovuka  , sAbari dinesa.

Oh Lord  who grants knowledge  through Vedas  , Who made the mountains his home,
Who is as pretty as God of love , Who has very pretty body,
The lotus of the brain desires    to open,
Spray your rays . Oh Lord Sun of Sabari

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