Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sabarigireeswara-A Malayalam Krithi

Sabarigireeswara-A Malayalam Krithi

DR.V.R.Prabodha chandran nayar

Translated by

   (A krithi about  Lord Ayyappa of Sabari mountain,)

Ragam  Shanmukha priya
Thalam  Aadhi

Sabarigireeswara, saradhindhu sundara,
Satha mukha   shubhakara, sanakaroo may

Oh Lord of Sabari mountain, who is as pretty   as the autumn moon,
Who helped the hundred faced  Indra to  get auspiciousness , Please  bless me with auspiciousness.

Nibida vananthara  vihitha  vihara  ,
Khachitha  Manohara   mani gana haara

Oh Lord who lives and plays    in very thick forests,
Who wears  pretty necklaces   with many gems.

Pranatha  janarchitha   sumachaya  pada,
Guna kalithakhila   sajjana modha ,
Vara Panthalesa   samarpitha bodha  ,
Varanam  , thava   thiru Charanam, Saranam.

Oh Lord who has a feet  covered with flowers  worshipped by people  ,
Who due to his very good qualities gives  joy to all people.
Who gave wisdom to the   great king of Pandala,
Please  come  for I  surrender  at your  divine feet.

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