Saturday, September 19, 2015

Gurupavanalaya- A Malayalam Krithi

Gurupavanalaya- A Malayalam Krithi 

DR.V.R.Prabodha Chandran Nayar

Translated by 

   (Guruvatur is one   f the most important Krishna temple of Kerala . This  song  is about Guruvayurappan.)

Ragam Madhyamavathi
Thalam  Aadhi

Guru pavanalaya . kuru , mayi karunaam,
Guru  karunalaya, nirupama  guna gana

Oh Lord of Guruvayur  , please  show me mercy,
Oh Lord  who is the  temple of mercy ,
And who  has several matchless qualities.

Uru pavanasana viracitha  thalpa  ,
Puru bhava  nasana mahoushadhi kalpa.

Oh Lord who has bed  of snake which eats  only air,
Oh great medicinal  wish giving tree ,
Which  destroys   the great    sorrow of Samsara,

Yen mathi moha nibadha-masaktham,
Karma phalolbhava sankha dagdham,
Nanmayil bodham theliyaan athil nin,
Ven mathi susmitham yethename.

My brain is tied with passions and is weak ,
And is getting burnt by  doubts arising out of results of  Karma ,
And so bless me so that  your  white moon like  smile ,
Reaches  there so that goodness leading  to  welfare.

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