Saturday, September 19, 2015

Attukkal vaazhunna devi (Malayalam Krithi)

Attukkal vaazhunna devi (Malayalam Krithi)

Dr.V.R.Prabodha chandran Nayar

(This is a Krithi in Malayalam  by a great   composer in Malayalam about   the Aathukkal Bhagawathi  of Trivandrum .  Every  year several lakhs  of lady devotees   assemble at her temple   to prepare  Pongala(Pongal)   and offer  to this Goddess .)

Translated  by

Ragam  Panthuvarali
Talam  Aadhi

Aatthu kal vazhunna devi maheswari,
Pothuka   nee yenne  nithyam krupakari

Oh goddess  who lives in atthukal, Oh great goddess ,
Daily   you please  look after  me, Oh merciful one.

Payasanna priyaya Visweswari ,
Manasa vase , tripureswari.

Oh Goddess of universe   who  likes Payasam,
Oh Goddess of three  cities   who lives in my  mind

Nee mama chaithanyamai maruveetane ,
Nee man manassin  mani vilakkavane ,
Nee yen prabodhadham  tharakamavane  ,
Nee yen  janikku artha poornatha  yekane.

You please  live  as my  mental activity,
You become gem studded  lamp in my mind,
You become   the star that  lights my intelligence,

And You please  make  my life  to be meaningful .

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