Saturday, September 19, 2015

Kar Varna-A Malayalam Krithi

Kar Varna-A Malayalam Krithi

DR. V.R.Prabodha  chandran   Nair

Translated by

Ragam  Kalyani
Thalam MIshra Chapu

  (A krithi about  Lord Krishna who is  the colour  of the cloud.)

Kar varna ,nin kala murali  ganam,
Karnamrutha  Shubha  vahini  noonam.

Oh  lord with colour of cloud, Your  indisctinctly sweet  song from flute,
Is definitely  is the auspicious vehicle  of the nectar   to ears.

Yennaninin jnan  athu kettu unaruga,
Yennanen  paazh manam   uzhareeduga

When will hear    that music and wake up,
When will my poor mind  become sorrowful.

Kanna , neeraja nayana, mukil oli ,
Vrnaa , nine kandaavu,
Kanna  , mohana kaya , bodham,
Poornam mathiyil uthikkavu.

Oh Lord Krishna , Oh lotus   eyed  one ,
Who has the  colour of the  light of the moon ,
I woulfd like to see  you Lord Krishna  , the pretty one  ,
Let wisdom rise in my mind.

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