Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sri Rama , Bhanu vamsa sudhakara-A Malayalam grithi

Sri Rama , Bhanu vamsa sudhakara-A Malayalam grithi

DR.V.R.Prabodha Chandran Nayar

Translated by

Ragam  Surutti
Thalam  Aadhi

( A Krithi o praising  Lord  Rama.)
Sri Rama , Bhanu vamsa sudhakara,
Sri Ramalalama  bhoopathri   sukha kara

Oh Rama ,  the full moon of the   solar  dynasty,
Who provides happiness  to the daughter of earth,
Who is   the Thilaka  among   auspicious  ladies.

Romancha kanchukitha   kapi veera nutha  padhaa,
SEma vilangi   bujha   Vikrama.

Oh Lord whose feet were  saluted by Hanuman   who was horripilated,
Who has the power and strength   to cross all boundaries.

Premardhra  Bhakthi soona  santhatha   samaradhyaa,
Ramaa  , Manobhirama , Manjulakaaraa,
Nee mathram  gathyenne j karuthi vazhumen paapaam,
Namanthamaakki  nalkenam mama  Bodham.

Oh Lord who  is  always worshipped  by people with devotion,
Oh Rama , Oh bewitcher of the mind , Oh Lord with a very pretty form,
You should destroy the sins of me who is living  thinking that,
You are  my only protection  and also give me my wisdom.

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