Sunday, September 20, 2015

Parama pavani Parameswari-A Malayalam Krithi

Parama pavani  Parameswari-A Malayalam Krithi

Dr.V.R.Prabodha  Chandran nayar

Translated by

Ragam Khamboji
Talam  Aadhi

   (A Krithi praising   Goddess Parvathi)

Parama Pavani  , Parameshwari  Gauri,
Paramennil  krupa venam  , varadhe, Giri Jathe .

Oh  Very pure one , Oh consort of Lord  Parameshwara, Oh White   x coloured Goddess ,
I need your  very great mercy , Oh Goddess  who blesses, and who was  born to a mountain.

Nirupadhika Bhakthi   oru  puthu poovu pol,
Nirupame  , jnan nin   kazhal  thumbil archikkam.

Oh matchless  one  , like  a  new flower  , I would shower,
A  devotion without conditions   on the tip of your feet.

Varum ororo  Vighna jalam,  azhalkalum  Maha Maye,
Varuthilyilavaye  nee   nirthuka  mama  Thaye,
Tharuka may Bodha rathnam   varamen maheswari,
Karunalaye   sarva   hrudayeswari.

Oh   great enchantress   due to net of  hindrances   several sorrows   would come ,
And my mother  , you please    order  to stop them while they are coming,
Please  give me the boon   of the  gem of wisdom, Oh great goddess ,
Oh  temple of mercy,  Oh Goddess     of my heart.

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