Saturday, September 19, 2015

Amruthabdhi Puthri-A Malayalam Krithi

Amruthabdhi  Puthri-A Malayalam Krithi

DR.V.R.Prabodha  Chandra  Nayar

Translated by

( A song about Goddess  Lakshmi)

Ragam  Saranga
Thalam Aadhi

Amruthabdhi puthri  , Amalabja nethri,
Amrutha  pradathri , Bhuvanaika   dathri

Oh Daughter  of sea of nectar, Oh Goddess   with a pure  lotus like eyes,
Oh giver of nectar, Oh mother  of  the entire universe.

Avanthinai  nee allathillarum,
Bhavanam   they mamamkam  manamayal  porum.

To  my protection  there  is no one  except you,
It is enough , if you make my mind as  your home.

Oru nalurakkathil   varille  nee yanthike,
Tharukille may  varam  Abhayambike ?
Puru moha jalathil   vazhuthi jnan vizhaathe  ,
Uru bodha  pasam  nalkukille?

One day   would  you not come in  my dream when I am asleep,
Oh Goddess  who gives  protection , would  you not give me boons?
Would you know give me the rope   of wisdom,  so that ,
I do not  slip and   fall in to the  net  of  desires?

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