Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Neram Konjamum illayo

Neram Konjamum  illayo

Oothukadu Venkatasubba iyer

Translated by

Ragam  Kannada
THalam  Roopakam

Neram  konjamum illayo,
Neelamayil  thogai choodum  Balakrishnanukku  yennai,
Ninaikka thaan  nenjam illayo

Does not have   even a little time to spare ,
Does not  that  boy Krishna who wears   the blue peacock feather,
Have   a  heart   to think about me  .

Dheeramodu  gopiyar manai  thirudi kalavida neram,
Chinnam chiru porikkal aanai , uralodu  thirinthu  tavazhnthida   neram,
Kandrodu  karavaikal  choozhnthida   ganam  payindra neram,
Marakatha mani asainthada makara  kundalam  isainthada ,
Vambu cheythu kaliyan   misai  thom thom  yendru kuthitha neram.

He  had time to enter in to  Gopi’s houses   and steal   with  courage   there,
He  became small  , small embers   and you had time to crawl here and there,
He  had to time to learn music   surrounded by cows and calves,
With the   emerald gem slowly move and swing , with his  fish like ear globes swinging in conformity,
And  he had time for doing mischief and  jump thom  , thom on the  Kaliya.

Uyara katti  vaitha thayirayum palayum, ural yeri  kalavada neramum undu,
OOthu kuzhalooki  mathu oruthiyodu , oyathu   konjida  neram undu,
Ayyanodu  Indiran   mudalana  perkkellam  , arul cheythu pesida neram undu,
Adhikam   cholla ponal   yennayandri   mathum aarayum  yennida neram undu,
AAyarodu  kula murai   uravadi  arula neram undu,
Antharanga mamunivar   chinthayura   neram undu,
Maya thirayai   yeduthu moodi maraithu kolla   neram undu ,
Manam pogum pothu   vandhu thanam eeya  neram undu

He has come to steal    milk and curd which were tired high by climbing on the  pestle,
He has time  to talk love talk  without stop  with some other lady, after playing the flute,
He has  time to shower his grace  on Brahma  and Indra  and talk to them,
To tell the truth he has to think of any other    person except me,
He has  time to  behave properly according to his relationship with cowherds and shower them his grace,
He has time   to go in to thoughts of great sages   who are   very near   him,
He has to time take the shroud of  illusion  and hide himself  ,
And when his respect is in peril    he has time to  give charity.

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