Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Yarenna Chonnalum

Yarenna Chonnalum

Oothukadu Venkata Subbaiyer

Translated by

Ragam manirangu
Talam Aadhi

Yarenna chonnalum anjadhe nenjame,
Ayyan Karunayai padu,
Raga alapanamudan padu-mudindhal,
Aattam pottum jathiyodum aadu,
Pala vagayai vanda piravigalo pala
AAyiram thandhalum varumo-aadhalin

Narada ganamum , vedamum naana,
Gana kuzhal ondru thanthu ooduvaan,
Neeradhar kazhal aada , gopiyarum pada,
Vegu ner ner yena cholli than aduvan-andha
Ayyan karunayai padu

Tholai arindhu , kani dhoore yerindhu,
Verum tholai thuninthu oruvan thandhan allavo,
Melai pidi avalai vendum yendre therinthu,
Virumbhi oruvan andru thanthan allavo,
Kalam yellam thavam irundhu , kanintha kani,
Kadithittu suvaithu oru naal, thandhaal allavo-Indha
Jnalamum ayiram sonnalum naam adhai,
Namakku yedarkku yendru solli ,
Namum aayiram sollai solli
Ayyan karunayai padu.

English translation

Oh mind ,do not fear whatever one tells,
Sing about the mercies of the Lord,
Sing with tune as well as its spread,
If possible dance with jumps and proper steps,
Though you have taken several thousands of births,
And even if you give thousands of coins,
Would this chance ever come again and so

Putting the music of Narada and the Vedas to shame,
He would bring a flute and play on it ,
With his anklets shaking and with Gopis singing,
He would invite them to dance and also dance,
And sing about the mercy of that lord.

Cutting the skin, throwing away the flesh of the fruit,
And with no problem did one not give you only the skin?
Did one not give you knowingly and slowly ,
Give a fist of beaten rice, with lot of desire and friendship?
Did not one lady do penance without an end , and bit and tasted,
A ripe fruit and gave it to you one day?
In spite of all the world telling you thousand opinions,
We should say , “Why should we hear this?’ and tell ,
His one thousand names and sing about the mercy of the Lord.

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