Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pullai piravi thara venum Kanna

Pullai piravi thara venum Kanna

Oothukadu Venkata Subba Iyer

Translated by

Ragam Chenchurutti
Thalam Aadhi

Pullai piravi thara venum Kanna,
Punithamana pala koti piravi thanthalum ,
Brundavana methyl oru

Pullagilum nedu naal nillathu , aathalinaal,
Kallay piravi thara venume , kanna,
Kamala malarinaikal anaya , yenathu ullam,
Pulakitha muthidum bhava mathidumena

Oru kanam un paadam padum yen mele,
Maru kanam naan uyarven , men mele un,
Thirumeni , yen mele amarnthidum , oru kale,
Thiru magalena malaradi peyanthunai ,
Thodarntha radhaikku idam tharuvene,
Disai disai yenganum paravidum,
Kuzhalisai mayangi varum pala gopiyarudane,
Chirantha rasamigu nadam nee aadavum,
Sruthiyodu layam kalanthu padavum,
Thilaippile varum kalippile ,
Yenakku inai yarena magizhvene,
THavamigu surarodu munivarum iyalaa,
Thanitha perum peru adaivene,
Yevvuyirkkum ul kalakkum ,
Iraivane yamunai thuraivane yenakku oru

English translation

Oh Krishna, give me birth as a grass,
Though you give me crores of births,
Give me birth as a grass in Bridavan

A grass will not live for a very long time, so,
Krishna , give me birth as a stone, so that,
When your lotus like feet touches me ,
My heart would be filled with joy and I would be bereft of births

For a second your feet would touch me,
And the next second I would rise and rise,
But suppose your sacred body happens to sit on me,
Like the Goddess Lakshmi , I would move like a flower,
And continue to give some place to sit for Radha,
And the music from your flute would waft in all directions,
And many Gopis charmed by the music of the flute,
Would start dancing the great Rasa leela,
And in the exuberance that rises everywhere,
They will start singing as if the sound of the tune mixes with the tempo,
And I would be happy thinking that no one is equal to me,
And I would get the great luck that even,
The devas with great penance and sages can never hope to attain,
And Oh God who mixes in the mind of all,
Oh God who is the shores of river Yamuna,
Please give me a birth.


  1. Thank you for this wonderful translation! I could understand only bits of it and was looking for a good translation of the whole song..

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9oVOnMIp-g&feature=youtu.be