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Thirumagal Thuthi

Thirumagal Thuthi
(Prayer to Goddess  of wealth)

Mahakavi  Bharathi

Translated by

Ragam   CHakravakam
Thalam  THisra ekam

(This is not a popular  poem of the Mahakavi. There  is certain an amount of satire   in his words .He was a man  who lead a life of a courageous freedom fighter  , who used to rise up and fight   at anything  he considers   as injustice .In the first few lines he says , that  there is  no point in  living  a life  like a mad person in love   with money.)

1.Nitham unai vendi  manam,
Ninaipathellam  neeyai ,
Pithanai pol  vazzvathile ,
Perumayundo thiruve ,
Chitha uruthi kondirunthar  ,
Cheikai yellam  vetti konde  ,
Uthama nilai chervar yendre,
Uyarntha Vedamuraippthellam,
Sutha verum poyyodi
Chudar maniye, thiruve,
Metha mayyal  kondu vitten ,
Meviduvai   thiruve.

1.Oh Goddess  of wealth   ,  by daily  requesting you ,
And making all  thoughts of the day be engaged only in you ,
And living like a mad man , Was there  anything  great that was achieved?
Are the words   of the very great   Vedas, which tell,
That all acts  of people   with a stable mind ,
 Would   lead them to victory and they would attain great positions, a lie,
Oh gem of the flame  , Oh wealth ,
I have fallen greatly in love  with you, Oh Goddess Lakshmi
Please   develop desire   to me  .

2.Unnayandri  inbamundo,
Ulagamisai vere ?
Ponnai  vadivendrudayai ,
Puthamuthe  , Thiruve ,
Minnoli tharu nan manigal ,
Medai uyarntha maligaikal,
Vannamudaya  Thamarai poo,
Mani kulamulla   cholaikalum,
Annam, neryu nei palum,
Athisayamai  tharuvai,
Ninnarulai vazhthi yendrum ,
Nilaithiruppen, thiruve.

2.Is there  more  pleasure than you ,
Apart from eminence in the   world?
Oh Goddess   who has the form of Gold  ,
Oh newly made nectar , Oh  wealth !
The gems that  give out great  luster like lightning,
Huge buildings   whose stairs are  very tall,
The  lotus flower  which has  great colour,
The gardens with   gem studded  ponds  ,
Cooked rice , quality ghee   and milk ,
Are   given by you  in rare    cases,
Oh Goddess Lakshmi, I would ,
Praise your grace  and would be stable

3.AAdukalum ,maadukalum,
Azhagudaya  pariyum,
Veedukalum  nedu nilamum ,
Viraivinile tharuvai,
EEdu ninakkor   deivamundo?
Yenakku unnai andri charanamundo?
Vaadu nilathai  kandirangaa ,
Mazhayinai pola ullamundo?
Nadu m,ani chelvamellam m ,
Nangu arulvai thiruve  ,
Peedutaya   vaan porule,
Perum kaliye   thiruve.

3,Oh Goddess  give me with great  speed ,
Goats , cows, pretty horses, homes  and broad land,
Is there any  other thing  which can be compared  to you?
Is there  any other protection other than you to me?
Is there  a heart , which is like   the rain ,
Which does not take mercy seeing a fading land?
Oh Goddess Lakshmi  give me  countries, gems and wealth ,
Oh  noble material in the sky, Oh great sport , Oh Goddess  of weath.

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