Friday, February 20, 2015

Dandamu pettenuraa

Dandamu pettenuraa
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam  Balahamsa
Thalam Aadhi
Dandamu pettenuraa ko-,
Dandapani  joodaraa
Oh Lord Who holds   Kodanda  , I am,
Saluting you   please   see
Andaja suvahana marth-
THanda Chandra  LOchana,
Kundali SAyana, Brah-,
Manda nayaka   neeku.
Oh Lord who rides on Garuda,
Who has sun and moon   as his eyes,
Who sleeps on a serpent ,
Oh Lord   of the universe  of Brahma , for you
Perugaa prathisha  ka yurakaa ninnu  nammithi,
Ooruvaru  veethi vaaru , okajathivaru  karu,
Darithi   cheyyibatti  brovumu  ,
Thyagarajachitha   neeku
Did I  develop faithin you   for sakeof good name ,
Or Fame  or  for the sake of  town people ,
The people of this place and that of the street  ,
Do not belong to one group of similar people  and so, please
Protect   me  who has come to you ,
By giving me  support  of your hand.  


  1. Sir,
    I follow your blog and really like it. Please apologise for my suggestion with respect to this translation - in the last para where Shri Thaygaraja swami refers to "okajathivaru" - it's easy to misconstrue the word as caste. Here it is meant for people who don't have similar disposition similar to his and not caste. If you search for a few more translations for this song, it becomes apparent.

    It's just that given the current state of affairs, such a translation maybe taken incorrectly by your blog readers. Hence my humble request to review the translation and amend it.

    Thank you and pranams.

  2. I have done the necessary correction. THanks for the suggestion.May God bless you .