Saturday, February 14, 2015

Talachinandathe naa

Talachinandathe naa
Saint  Thyagaraja
Translated  by
Ragam Mukari
Thalam Aadhi
Talachinandathe naa thanuvemo jalalaneraa
AS soon as I think about you some how  ,
My body  becomes cool and is thrilled
Jalaja vairi  dharadhi  vidheendrula,
Chelimipoojalandhina ninu ne
Thinking  about you who is worshipped with love by
The God who wears the lotus , Brahma  and Indra.
1.Rotiki gatta dagina  nee leelalu,
Moodikekkuvaina  neethu   gunammulu,
Koti  Madana   lavanyamunaina,
Satigaani  needivya roopamanu
1.Thinking about your sports even  when tied,
To the mortar , your conduct which is
 Beyond the  three fold division,
Your beauty which is greater than ,
A crore of God of love
2.Nidhralasya rahitha Sri Rama,
BHdranilaja sulabha samsaraa,
Chithrarthini theerche sakthi nee vidhi,
Rudradhula nuthamoucharithambunu
2.Oh Ramabhadra  who does not have   sleep or laziness ,
Who is easily available to Hanuman, thinking about,
Your power which destroys  the problems  of Samsara,
And your being worshipped    by Brahma   and Rudra,
3.Padavijitha muni tharuni sapa,
Modha Thyagaraja vinutha Dhrapa-
Nadha, Brahmananda  roopa,
Veda saramou nama deyamanu
3.Thinking about that   lord who due to the power,
Of his feet removed   the curse of the lady,
Who is being worshipped   by Thyagaraja   with joy,
Who is the personification of  the divine joy of music,
Whose   name is the essence  of all the Vedas.

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