Saturday, February 14, 2015

Rama ninne namminanu

Rama ninne namminanu
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated  by
Ragam, Huseni
THalam aadhi
Rama ninne namminanu nijamuga seetha
Oh Sithrama , I have  only believed in you
Kamajanaka kamaneeya vadans  nanu ,
Gavave Karunya Jaladhe
Of father of god of love  , Oh lord  with attractive face ,
Oh  Ocean of mercy  , Please  protect me
1.Sara Samaadhi Veda sara santhatha,
Budha vihara  rajitha  mukthaa,
Hara  kanaka keyuradha, rasuguns  ,
Paracara suradhi padha 
1,You are  the meaning of everything , essence of Sama Vedac ,
One who is always there, one who gives  joy to the wise  ,
One  who wears pearl necklace and   golden anklets  ,
Ocean of good whose feet is worshipped   by Devas
2.Dheera sujana hrud panjaakeera  neepada ,
Bhakthi maakeera Madana sundaraa-,
Kara  danuja samhara   dushta jana  ,
Dhoora   Ragu kulothddharodhara.
2. You are courageous , the parrot  put inside ,
The  heart of good people , please give me devotion to your feet ,
You are as pretty as God of love , one who kills   the asuras,
One who is  far away from  evil people , one  who,
Uplifts the  clan of Raghu   and  one  who is generous.
3.Raja raja vandhitha  Bhoojaa nayaka , Surasa-.
Maja  Sri kara   thyaga-,
Raja  manasa saroja kusuma  dhina-
Rajapankthiratha , Raja thanaya  sri
3.He is one saluted by king of kings, consort of daughter of earth,
Who is incompany of Devas , doer of auspiciousness, the sun,
Who opens the lotus flower like heart of Thyagaraja,

And the   son  of the  king

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