Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Yemi neramu nannu brova

Yemi neramu  nannu brova
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam  Sankarabharanam
Thalam  AAdhi
Yemi neramu  nannu brova,
Yentha  baramu  naavalla
For  protecting  me always ,
You seem to find it very heavy    due to me.
THanuvu  thaanu  gaadhani  yenchuvaniki,
Thapasu  cheyanala   Dasaratha Bala
To the one who thinks that  his body is not his,
Oh son of Dasaratha  , what is the need to do penance?
1.Anni neevanusu  yenchina vaniki,
Aasrama  bedhamu lela ,
Kannu  gattu  mayalani  yenchuvaniki,
Kanthala  bramalela  Dasaratha  Baala.
1,To the person who thinks   that everything  ,
Is only yourself  , where  is the difference between  stages of life,
And to he who thinks that  the world is but an illusion,
There is love to his  wife, Oh son of  Dasaratha.
2.AAjanmamu  durvishaya  rahithuniki ga-,
THagatha mikayela,
Rajarajesa niranjana  nirupama ,
Rajavadhana Thyagaraja vinutha.
2,To him who keeps away from  time  of birth,
What is the need to think of past and future ?
Oh king of kings, Oh lord without  emotions ,
Oh matchless one who is prayed by  Thyagaraja,
Oh Lord    with moon like    face.

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