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Ye papamu jesithiraa Rama nee

Ye papamu  jesithiraa Rama nee
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated   by
Ragam  Atana
Thalam Triputa
Ye papamu  jesithiraa Rama nee,
Kepataina dhayaradhu  nay
Oh Rama  , What  sin did I do?
How is it that  you did not get any mercy?
Nee padamulanu  Gana poralidithe
Nee  paduna  vini  vinarlundu taku nay
When I  requested  you to  show your feet  for me to say,
Even after  hearing  it, you act  as if you had not heard it.
1,Nadha  roopadalani  vini nay  sri-,
Natha, ninnu nammithini,
Naa  dapuramunanundiyu nan-,
Nadarainchaka yura kundudaku nay.
1,Oh consort of Lakshmi , hearing that you are the form of music,
I believed  in you and in spite  of your being near me  ,
Why are  you not   supporting me in  spite of being near me?
2.Yendhukanusu  sairinthunuraa  Rama  ,
Mundhu  venuka   dosadhraa,
Mundhara nilichi  balukuraa  Na-,
Yanthu  neeku   eevaraku  marapuraa
2.Oh Rama , thinking what shall  I tolerate it ,
And I do not know either front or back,
You please stand before me and talk,
As With such a speed   you had   forgotten me.
3.Garavimpa   dayraadhaapalu-,
Garu   momu joopa raadhaa,
Yoorakunduta  mariyaadhaa naa-
Dhuraa delpuvaa  revvaru  leraa.
3.Would I not get   mercy to honour me?
Can you not show  your face spilling milk?
Is it respectful    for you to keep quiet,
Is this your place? Are there nobody who can tell you?
  4,Kannavarini  vedinaanaa na-,
Yanna   ninnadu , konnana,
Ninnu  namminavadanu gaanamuni,
Sannutha  kapadamulanni   naathonaa
4.Did I beg from all sorts of people ,
My elder brother, did I find fault    with you?
Am I not one who believed in you?
Oh Lord saluted by the sages,
Is al your deceit   directed only at me.
5.Vinavayya , inakula dha nama Rama,
Ninnu nammi  yinga  durithama bu-,
Vanamuna  nee kidhi  ganamaa nee-
Manasituvandi  dhanusanu  delupumaa
5.Of wealth of the clan of The   Sun , Rama  , please hear,
Even after  you believing you why this misery  ,
Is this honourable    to you  in  this    earth,
Please tell me    what   your intention is ?
6.SAdahyudai  yinka paraka naa
Hrudaya vasudu   neevw  Gaka,
Ithi budhiyanusu delpaleka  naadu,
Modaluganu  yuragunnavu   gaka.
6.Inspite of being filled with mercy , why   this disregard,
Even now   , when you are  the one  who lives  in my heart,
And without teaching me   good  conduct  ,
Why are   you   keeping quiet from the day I was born.
7.Rahashekara   sannuthanga  THyaga-,
Raja hrudhabja   brunga  ,
Rajitha karunapanga   rathi,
Raja   Janaka  papadwantha padanga.
7.Oh Lord saluted by Lord Shiva   with crescent on his head,
Ph bee which goes round  the lotus like  mind of Thyagaraja,
Oh Lord who has   a very merciful side long glance,
Oh father of God of love, Oh sun who removes darkness of  sin.

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