Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Venu Gana loluni

Venu Gana loluni
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam  Kedara Gaula
THalam Roopakam
Venu Gana loluni, gana-
Veyi kannulu  gavalene
To see that  one interested in music from flute,
You need  to have one thousand eyes.
(Ali) venulella drushti  chutti ,
Veyusu mrokkusu raga
To see him  whose evil eye  is removed by,
Ladied who  have hairs decorated by flowers surrounded by bees.
Vikasitha  pankaja vadanulu  vividha  gathula  naadakka,
Nokari  kokaru  karamuna nidiyorakanula  joodaga,
Sukaravumula gala  tharunulu  sokga sugaa nu badaga ,
SAkala surulu  Thyagaraja  saguni  vedaga vache.
With  ladies  with faces like fully opened  lotus flowers dancing as per varied beats,
Holding each other’s hands and looking   at him using the corner  of their eyes,
Singing using their sweet voices   which could compare  to that of parrots,
In a  great manner, with devas worshipping When that  Lord Krishna  ,
Comes in a procession being praised   by Thyagaraja,

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