Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Manasu swadheenamaina

Manasu swadheenamaina 
Saint Thyagraja
Translated by
Ragam  Sankarabharanam
Thalam Roopakam
Manasu swadheenamaina   yaga nuniki,
Marimanthra  thanthramu  lela
To the  great Yogi  whose mind is under his control,
What is the need for  Manthra and Thanthra.
Thanuvu  thanu  gadhani yenchuvaniki,
Thapasu  cheyanala Dasraratha  Bala
Oh boy of Dasaratha , to the one who understands that,
The body is not himself, What  is the need to do penance.
1.Anni neevanusu  yenchina vaniki,
Asrama bedhamu lela,
Kannu gattu  mayalani   yenchuvaniki  ,
Kanthala  premalela  , Dasaratha Bala
1.To the one who thinks that everything is yourself,
Where is the differences between stages of life,
To the one who thinks that world is a magical illusion,
Oh  son of Dasaratha where is the love for his wife?
2.Aajanmamu  durvishaya  rahithuniki ga-,
Thagatha  mikayela  ,
Raja rajesa niranjana nirupama  ,
Raja vadana   Thyagaraja vinutha
2.If one does not get attracted   to evil acts ,
Right from birth , where is the need to think of,
Past   and future for him, Oh king of kings,
Oh Matchless one  , Oh moon faced one  ,
Oh Lord who is not   bothered by senses who is worshiped by Thyagaraja.

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