Thursday, February 26, 2015

Anupama Gunanbudhi yani ninnu

Anupama Gunanbudhi  yani ninnu
Sage  Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam  Atana
Thalam  Jampa
Anupama Gunanbudhi  yani ninnu near nammi,
Yanusarinchina  vaadanaithi
Believing  that  that you are the matchless  ocean of Good,
I became  one    who follows you.
Maupakaye  yunnavu manupathee vrasimay  ,
Manupa makevaru   vinuma dhaya raani
You  are not protecting me, Oh  Lord of  Manu clan,
Who is there to write  my   simplicity and tell you?
Please hear and  see to it   that  you get mercy on me
1.Janaka Jamathavai  janakaja madhavai,
Ianaka  jalamu   chalu  chalunu Hari
1.Oh Son in law of Janaka  , Oh Lord who is as patient as mother  of Sita,
Oh my father  ,  this delay   is sufficient , Oh Lord Hari
2,Kanaka pada thara nannu  kana kapadamela thanu,
Kanakapatanamu sethu gani   bhooni
2.Oh Lord wearing golden dress , Why this  cheating on seeing me,
Is it  because  I am always thinking about my body as my wealth
3.Kalalona neeve  sakala loka nadhaa ,Ko-
Kala  lokuvaga niche  gachinadhi  vini
3.Oh Lord of all worlds, even indream you are only my God,
As I have heard that you have given  cloth and saved some due to their devotion
4.Rajakula   kalasarabdhi  Raja  surapala  Gaja,
Raja rakshaka, Thyagaraja vinutha.
4.You are the mon that rose from ocean of the clan of a king,
You are protector of devas  , You protected  ,
The king of elephants  , Oh Lord whom Thyagaraja is a devotee.

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