Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Siggu mali naavale

Siggu mali naavale
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam  Kedara Gaula
Thalam  AAdhi
Siggu mali naavale Dara nevvaru thiruga jalarayya
Would any one believing  in you, leaving out shame  ,
Wander  all over   the world like me  ?
Muggurilo  melaina   Ramamaa-
Mukaabja  dhinaramana  ninnu nammi.
Believin in you who is greater than the trinity,
Who is the sun who opens the lotus like face of Goddess  Lakshmi.
1.Mundhara dhayatho balikina  thinga munthu rakapoye,
DAndhanalatho  dhinamulu gatipedhaari  thelisipoye  ,
Andharichethanu nabrathukulipudu ninidhalakedamaye ,
Mandharadhara  naa jeevudu jeevan mindhu   seyanaya  ani delisi.
1.All the words which you told   with kindness earlier  have not been fulfilled,
And I have understood your method of  spending time  in magic and deceit  ,
And due to that my life has   became the laughing   stock  of people .
Oh Lord who lifted Mandhara mountain, My life has to be lived like this.
2.Yellavaarivale  Bhava  sagaramunu  eetdha manasu raadhu  ,
Ullamunanu  gani  neeve  neenai  yunda deliyaledhu  ,
Ollani panuluku poyyedi vyasanamorva  dharamugathu  ,
Talladillusunnadhi  naa manasu thalathingameedhu ani  thelisi.
2.My mind does not agree to swim in this ocean of samsara  like all others,
And inspite of thinking  I am not able to understand the way that  you become myself,
And being unable to do jobs not agreeable to the mind, I am not able  to bear my sorrow,
My mind is  struggling   and I would not be able to bear this.
3.Ninnadanu naa manasuepudaina  nijamuga  raaledhu  ,
Vennavandi   nee chithaniki naa   vethalu theliyalethu,
Pannaga  sayana nee dhayaku ne pathrudu  kalethu,
Kanna thandri thyagarajuni kinka karuna joodaledhu  ani thelisi.
3.My mind will never   agree   to find fault   with you,
And  why is it  that your butter like mind  did not realize  my sorrow,
Oh Lord who sleeps on  the serpent , possibly still I am not fit to get your mercy,
And knowing well that  even now you do not show mercy to Thyagaraja
(would any one wander…)

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