Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bhava nutha hrudayamuna

Bhava nutha  hrudayamuna
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam Mohana
Thalam Aadhi
Bhava nutha  hrudayamuna ramimpuna  ,
Badalika Dheera
Oh God praised by Lord Shiva , enjoy yourselves,
Till your tiresomeness  disappears
Bhavatharaka  natho  bahu pakina ,
Badalika   Deera kamalasam
Oh God helping us to cross  Samsara,
Who is praised by Lord Brahma born out of a lotus
1.Bhavanasutha priya , thanakai  thirigina  badalika  Dheera ,
BHavanamu  jeri  nanu  verapinchina  badaliga  Dheera kamalasam
1.Oh Lord dear to son of wind God , to  get over the tiresomeness,
Of wandering  for my sake , did you come to my house ,
And made me taken aback , Oh Lord praised by Brahma
2.Varamagu naivedhyamunalu  seyani Balaka theera,
Bhavaleka  saripoinaatina  badalika theera kamalasam
2,For getting rid of the tiresomeness of  not taking ,
Great offerings  and by appropriately talking to me,
Without getting in to danger  , Oh Lord praised by Brahma
3.Prabhala jesu   nanu  broche nanukonna Nadalika Theera,
Prabhu neevu  THyagarajuniki  Badalika theera, Kamalasam
3,For  getting rid of tiresomeness   of thinking that   you made me ,
great by protecting me  ,Oh Lord relax in mind  of Thyagaraja ,
Oh Lord praised    by Lord Brahma.

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