Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Vanaja nayanudani valchithivo

Vanaja nayanudani  valchithivo
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam  Kedara Gaula
THalam Aadhi
Vanaja nayanudani  valchithivo vani,
Manasuna  Dhayaledhe
Did you fall in love  with him because ,
He is lotus eyed? There is not even ,
A little  bit of mercy  in his mind.
Munipati charithamulanu  viniyunna,
Vanitha   swabhavamuvalana Sri  Ramuni
After hearing his past  history ,
Due to feminine nature did you fdfall in love with him
Orula badalagu orvakayunduda,
Parama dharmamanusu  baguga  balkunu,
Varadhudu  asritha   vathsaludanni  pere,
Dhara  jayamosangu Sri Thyagarajavinthuni.
He would say  that not able to tolerate to see  ,
The sorrow of others   is a great Dharma  but ,
In spite  of that his being  called as  one who gives boons ,
And one who protects   his devotees  is but a lie ,
Did you think  this Rama , who gives victory in this world  ,

And  who is  being worshipped by Thyagaraja is lotus eyed one .

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