Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Etulaina Bhakthi vacchutake

Etulaina  Bhakthi   vacchutake
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam  Sama
THalam Chapu
Etulaina  Bhakthi   vacchutake,
Yathmanu   seyave
Please try    your best ,
To get  devotion of any sort
Matumaya  bhavamunu   mandhano  yenchaka  ,
Vata pathra sayuni  pada yugamunannu
Without thinking this world covered by  huge illusion,
AS ours, try to  get devotion on he who sleeps on Banyan lea.
1.Vidhyaa garvamulele  nee va-,
Vidhyaa   bvasamu  gaanele,
Kadhyothananvaya  thilakuni   pura mele  ,
Bhuddhayachuna  thosadhele  oh Manasaa
1.Why this pride  on getting educated  ?
Why are  you  getting influenced by  ignorance ?
Why is it that  the idea of reaching   the  town of,
The best among sun gods   does not come to you quickly?
2.Rama namamu seya  sigga  kaaraa-,
Dhemi  balkavu  puntibukka,
Bamala gadadhaatakumante  jagga,
Pamara   thanuvu   namma  neerbugga
2.Are  you  shy to chant  the name  of Rama?
This is not proper for you  , would   you  not talk?
Is there  sore in your mouth? If I tell do not,
Behave improperly with  girl, are you ashamed?
In this world if we believe on this ignorant  body,
It would   end   like a   water  bubble ?
3.Bhoga  bhagyamulayandhu  nija,
Bhagawadhulu gaani  pondu  rosi.
Thyagaraja varadhuni neeyanthu  ,,
Baguga   dhyaninju  bhavarogamandhu 
3.If even when you are enjoying pleasures and luck,
If you leave of  relations  with all other  people ,
Except   great devotees and meditate on  ,
The Lord of Thyagaraja  that   would be ,
The medicine   for the sickness  of Samsara.

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