Sunday, February 22, 2015

Varada navaneethasa Pahi

Varada navaneethasa Pahi
Saint Thyagraja
Translated   by
Ragam  Raga Panjaram
Thalam Chapu
Varada navaneethasa Pahi,
Vara dhanava madha  naasa yehi
Please protect me , Oh God who blesses  and eats  butter,
Please come  , Oh blessed one who destroyed pride  of Asuras.
Saradhaba   kara vidhrutha  charaa-,
Charadhasuga    suma   charade chara  hitha
Oh Lord of the colour of the cloud   who holds   arrows in his hands,
Who is the great wind that blows  out   the clouds called  Rakshasas,
Who is the father  of love  , And who is bereft of any desire.
Dviradhadha buthaga mana  puradhahana  nutha ,
Aphuradhaa bharanaajaraa vana  para  ,
Garadasana dhoorgarathaa m, Dhuythi jitha  ,
Vara dasa janagrasera Thyagaraja.
Oh Lord who walks like an elephant, who is being praised ,
By the three eyed one who burnt the cities, Who has  lustrous ornaments,
Who has zest in protecting Devas, Who has Garuda as steed,
Who  charmed his devotees by his luster and who grants boons to Thyagaraja.

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