Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Eduta nilisithe needhu sommu

Eduta  nilisithe needhu   sommu
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam SAnkarabharanam
Thalam  Aadhi
Eduta  nilisithe needhu   sommu
Semi  bodhuraa
If you  stand before me , Would 
Would wealth   go away?
Nudhuti vrathagani  mattu  meeranu,
Naatharamu   delisi   mosamu  Bodhunaa
Everything would happen according to my fate,
And as I know my strength  , would, I
Cross the limits   and   get deceived?
1.Sarasariga joothuraa naadhuyava,
Saraala  deliyumu   varaladuga  ja-
Laraa  sakala devaraya  manavi  vi-
Naraga , hara   sundarakaaranaa
1.Look at me in an average manner  and   then understand  ,
My requests.I would not be able    to   ask you boons but,
Please hear  my request , Oh lord   of all the Devas ,
Oh Lord who destroys sins  , Oh pretty one.
2,Videhajaa ramana Deva brovaka,
Nidha  samaya manya deva thala ve-,
Tadhe  manasu  Deliyadhemi  Raghava,
Idhedi   souryamu  pahe padhe naa
2.Oh Lord of Vaidehi , This is the time to protect me,
For my mind would not search for other Gods,
Oh Raghava , do you not know this, what sort of valour is this?
3.THarana dorakani  paraku naayeda,
Nu Rama jesithe  suraa   surulu  meth-,
Thuraa yipudu  yi haramithaname  ,
Laraa  bhaktha thyagarajanutha   naa
3.If you show me  now this disinterest  ,
Which is not very usual in you,
Not even devas  but Asuras  also  ,
Would not like it  , Why this injustice?
Oh Lord to whom Thyagaraja is a devotee. 

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