Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ramachandra nee dhaya

Ramachandra  nee dhaya
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated  by
Ragam  Surati
THalam Desadhi
Ramachandra  nee dhaya Rama   yela radhaya ,
Oh Ramachandra , why I did  get your mercy
Kamakoti Sundara  karadruthac   Mandhara ,
Prema meera mundhara  bilwa rakayundhura
Oh Lord who is as  pretty as  a crore  of  God of love,
Who lifted his hand   the Mandhara  mountain ,
If one calls with love would some person not come   before him.
1.Kananambu   thapamo  kaikameedha  kopamo,
Nenu jeyu   papamo  neeku  sakthi lobhamo
1.Was it  due to the sufferings  due to life in forest  ,
Or is it  due to  the    anger   against  Kakiyi,
Or is it  due  to the sins done by me?
Or is it due to your powerlessness ,
2.Adathanna   rosamo , alanadu pasamo,
Medaleenu  vasamo , memu seyu  Dosamo
2.Is it due to  anger because   Sita   teasing  you?
Or is due to   the  fasting   that you undertook then?
Or Is is due to living in forest rather than in palace?
Or is  it due to the fault   that   you did?
3.Kallalaina  neyama  kante   neeku  heyama
Thalladilla  nyayama  , Thyagraja   geyama
3. Is it that my love towards   you is false?
Or is it that you   hate  to  see me  ?
Is it just for you to make me   suffer?
Oh Lord   whose  praise  is sung by Thyagaraja.

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