Thursday, November 10, 2016

Some compositions of Narayana Theeertha

Some compositions of Narayana  Theeertha

Translations  in to English

     Narayana  theertha (1610-1745) was born in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh . He went to Varanasi to gain mastery over Vedas   and Sastras   , took SAnyasa and later   settled in Varahur, THanjavur district of Tamil Nadu.  ( A great introduction to this great composer by THiruvayaru  Krishnan has beed added by  me today - ) He was a great composer and his magnum opus is a  book called “Sri Krishna Tharangini” .His compositions are mellifluous, simple and steeped in devotion to Lord Krishna. I have translated few of his famous Krithis  , which are given below in Alphabetical order :-

1.       Alokaye Sri Bala  Krishnam

1.a Aalokaye Rukmani Kalyana  Gopalam

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