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Yehi mudham Mama dehi ,Jagan mohana Krishna

Yehi mudham  Mama  dehi  ,Jagan mohana  Krishna

Narayana  theertha

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Ragam-Reethi gaula
Thalam Chapu

Yehi mudham   mama  dehi  . Jagan mohana  Krishna maam pahi

Come  near and give me joy , Oh Krishna,
Oh bewitcher  of the world  , please give me protection

Yehi  samahitha   dheena janaavana ,
Moha rahitha  muni mukthi  Vitharana

Give harmony   to those   suffering  people  ,
Oh Lord   who distributes salvation  to sages without  attachment.

1Kamaneeya Kausthubha   shobha  , kara  kalitha navaneetha ganaabha,
SAmuditha gokula kalabha sarva  sahamaana, yathi varya sulabha,
Amarendra vallabha, asura sudurlabha  ,
Vimatha madha vibhanga veera pamanabha.

1.Oh God who has the  pretty luster of Kaushtubha  gem , whose hand is heavy  with fresh butter,
Oh Youngone who made Gokula  happy, who  won over all others, who can be easily got  by great sages.
Oh Lord liked by Devendra, who is not easily available   to asuras,
Oh God who  n breaks the pride  of those who disagree with him  , who is valorous and Who has has lotus on his belly,

2.CHarana   janu karairalamthebha  , bahu sancharanena  Gopala,
Karudrutha nava neetha kabalam   thava   kardhamam   , maa kuru  vimalam,
Paripoorna nija kama  pathaka  gana  bheema,
Vara noopuraabharanaa, vasudhabharana.

2.Oh Lord who shines with his  hands  touching his thighs  , Oh Gopala   who  travels much,
Oh Lord mired   with  the butter  held in your  hands  , Please make me pure  ,
Oh Lord who is complete and is fearsome to the  crowd of evil people 
Oh Lord wearing blessed  anklets  , Oh Lord decorated   with  earth

3.Kankana keyura  bhoosha  ,kana kinkini krutha  bahu gosha,
Kunkuma  pangila vesha , kutila kunthala   gokula bhoosha ,
Kinkara  hitha kara  keerthi sudhaakara,
Mangalakara Narayana theertha thosha

3.OH lord wearing bangles and crown, Who makes great sound  due to the tinkling anklet,
Oh Lord Whose form  is covered with Kumkum  , Who is the ornament to Gokula wearing  curved  lock of hair,
Who has the nectar like fame of being good to his devotees,
Who  does   good  and who makes Narayana  theertha happy.

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