Thursday, January 20, 2011

Varam ondru Thandarulvay

Varam ondru Thandarulvay

Oothukadu Venkata Subba iyer

Translated by

Ragam Shanmuga Priya
Thala aadhi


Varam ondru thandu arulvay Vadivela,
Yengal marakatha mayilerum Arumuga vadivela


Param endra chollukku oru porule,
Parathil param endra chollukku oru porule,
Ilam pachaikkum ichaikkum nadu porule,
Pala porul kettu unai , athu, ithu , yenadhu,
Pat endru oru porul Kettiuduven anda.


1.Ponnum , maniyum endhan buddhiyile pattavai pulithu , pulithu poche,
Yen rndral undan punnagai mukham kanda dhal aache,
Innum ulagamurum inbam endravai yeppadiyo maranthu poche,
Yen endral un eru mayil nadam kandadhaal aache,
Munnum manam uruga “Muruga” endru moham irit alai,
Chuthalache , Cholla vanda mozhi kooda maarandhu than poche,
Ponnar meniyan kaadhil chonnaye, antarangam podhum endru ,
Ketkavum asai ache.

Madhyama Kalam

1.Punithamana aaru padai veedu udayai , pugum madha kaliri nadai udayai,
Initha naru vainkalavai ,adanilum initha thinayin achuvai udayai,
Enakkum oru padam thandhu arula manam manakka varuda thamizharul udayai,
A nnayinum chirandhathana arulodu niraindathana Aarumukha Vadivela

English translation

Oh Vadivela, grant me one boon,
Oh our Vadivela , Oh God with six faces,
Who rides the emerald like peacock.


There is only one meaning for the word “Divine”,
There is only on meaning for the words “Divine among divine”.
Oh God who is in between the peacock and desire,
I would ask you for many things like this and that and then mine,
And suddenly I would ask you for that one thing.


1.The jewels and gems that my brain came across became sour,
For I happened to see your pretty smiling face,
Also I completely forgot the many pleasures of this world,
For I happened to see the dance of the peacock that you ride,
Some time back my mind used to rotate when the flood of the name “Muruga) is heard,
And then I also used to forget the words that I wanted to tell,
You with a golden body told me in my ear “Only what is in mind is sufficient”
And then I developed a keen desire to ask for more.

Madhyama Kala

1.Oh God who has six temple homes, Oh God who has the majestic walk of an imperial elephant,
Oh God sweeter than the sweet Vainkalavai*,I and having the taste of the much sweeter Thinai flour,
Please give me also one feet , Oh God who with a happy frame is inside the people of Tamil Nadu,
Oh Vadivela whose greater than his mother and who is full of it.
*I am not able to understand what this means because I have read it in
Roman script and not in tamil

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