Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jagan mohana Sundaranga

Jagan mohana Sundaranga
Oothukadu Venkata Subba iyer
Translated by

Jagan mohana sundaranga dhrutha rathanga karunapanga,
Sarasa kalyani guna madhura lalitha sahasa mrudu manda hasa mukha

Bewitcher of the world, One with pretty form, One who rides a chariot , one who is merciful,
One who is entertaining auspicious qualities, who is simply sweet adventurer , One whose face has a sift pleasing smile.

Nigamatha visva kantha charitha , nirupamana mano ullasa lilamrutha thunga gopi jana

Who according to Vedas is Lord of the world , Who hasan uncomparably happy mind,
Who is the lion in the nectar like plays with the Gopis.

SAntha jana mano Ramana chid vilasa dayakara mahothsava ranjana,
Chinthaneeya thaneeya niyatha yatha para samsara ghora bhaya harana.

One who entertains the mind of sages , He who engages in divine plays , He who is merciful ,
He entertains by great celebrations and he just by thinking about him ,
Removes the fear of the fearful cycle of birth and death.

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