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Pesade pongaladi

Pesade pongaladi


OOthukadu Venkata Subba iyer

(This is the judgement of mother Yasoda to accusations made in “Thaye Yasoda” and defence by Krishna in “illai, illai, Amma.”)

Translated by


Raga Madhyamavathi


Pesade pongalad en,
Pillai vanthu ungal veetil kallam ittan endru cholli,
Pesugindreer , kaiyai kaiyai veesugindreer , velai illai


Kasam poo meniyulla kattazhagan en pillai,
Kaalayil irunthu ennai kanamum agalavillai,
Vachama gocharamai vanthu sonneer , intha sollai ungal,
Vambukkum thumbukkum yen magan thaano, velai illai


1.Ival aanaal miga nanan kondaval enru,
Intha Maharajan veetai sondha veedu yendru enni,
Ingum angum alainthu thirithal, aval,
Uvamayodi ulari kkotti mutham ittan endru cholli,
Oor ariya muzhakki vittu naam agudhu enral.

2.Kaiyum meyyum aaga pidithu vanthen endru cholli,
Kanakkaga pesinal ival oru kalli,
Meyyaga kaattadi endral , vizhiyum paraparathathu thaan,
Miralum pillayai katti vizhikkirale palli.

3. Oru kuzhandai azhudalo, Kannan kili vittan,
Uri ondru vizhundalo , Kannan thalli vittan,
Kar vennai kanom endral , Kannan kollai ittan, Ungal,
Karpanai seyyum poykku Kannano agapattan.
English translation


Go away silently, you tell that my son,
Has done mischief in your homes and,
You are waving and waving your hands,
You do not have any work, go away silently.


My son who is very pretty and of the blue lotus colour,
Has never gone away from me even for an instant since morning,
You have come and told me with description and action,
For your gossiping was my son the only victim,
You do not have any work, go away silently


1. This lady is of a very shy type,
And thought that the king’s house was hers,
And wandered here and there inside,
And she told with simile that he kissed her,
And told it to the entire town and says, she is shy.

2.Telling that she physically caught and brought him,
This mischievous one talked clearly,
I really caught him , she told with her eyes showing emotion,
And she was blinking because she had tied her fearsome son.

3.If a child cries , you tell Krishna pinched him,
If an Uri falls , you tell Krishna threw it down,
If butter is not visible , you say Krishna robed it,
Is there no limit to your imaginative lies,
Did you not get any one else to blame?

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