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Akasa Linga of Nataraja temple , Chidambaram and Deekshithar’s Krithi on Akasa Lingam

Akasa  Linga  of Nataraja  temple , Chidambaram  and Deekshithar’s  Krithi  on Akasa  Lingam

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    Chidambaram temple is located   255 km from Chennai  and  is  a unique temple with  Golden roof with a huge temple complex of 50 acres. Chidambaram means the “Divine  sky of consciousness”. Childamabaram is called  Thillai in  tamil. To any Tamil Shaivite “koil(temple)”   would indicate this great temple of Chidambaram .The God presiding over this temple  is Nataraja(The king of dancers)   who is  doing the cosmic dance of  divine ecstasy. The story goes like this. It seems Chidambaram was  once a forest populated by sages who believed in magic and were confidant that they  could control God by their mystic   powers. .It seems Shiva assumed  an extremely pretty form of Bhikshandar  and along with Vishnu as Mohini   he walked through that forest and the wives of sages were  greatly attracted by   the pretty Lord Shiva. The  sages living there  then  sent  serpents to attack Lord Shiva and he wore them as ornament over his matted hair. Then the rishis  sent a fierce tiger to attack lord Shiva and he killed the tiger and wore its hide as  his dress. Then the rishis  created an evil spirit called Muyalaka  and send him to destroy lord Shiva. Lord Shiva stepped on the back of Muyalaka   and  danced , the dance of eternal bliss. This news spread all over heavens  and Adhi Sesha  wanted to see  the dance again.Lord Shiva asked him to be born in Chidambaram  as  sage Patanjali(the great grammarian of Sanskrit) ,He was joined there by another sage called Vyagrapada  , who got the feet of tiger by penance so that  he would be able to climb the trees and pluck pretty flowers for Lord Shiva.. It seems Lord Shiva   again did Ananda Tandavam for  the sake of two great sages and in that place where a temple of temple of Thirumoolataaneswar temple  existed , the present temple of Nataraja  was built.In the sanctum sanctorum of the temple  there are  two sections. In one section is the  majestic lord Nataraja and near him there is another  Sannidhi called  Chidambara Rahasyam(secret  of Chidambaram)   and here the lord  exists  as formless  ether(sky) . There  is a huge  emerald linga and a crystal linga  inside the sanctum.  Goddess Shivakamasundari is the  consort of Lord Nataraja   and she has a separate temple  in side the temple complex.. The temple  from its inception has been managed  by  a group of Brahmins  called Deekshithars.  In the olden times they were  referred to as Thillai moovayiram (The 3000 of Thillai) .Once a Deekshithar either crosses the border of  Chidambaram or  undertakes  any other  work other than temple  maintenance  , he  loses  his position. Also a Deekshithar has necessarily  get married to another Deekshithar girl. Now the Deekshithar population has come down to around 300. But even today the huge temple  complex is managed by them.
     All the kings of Tamil Nadu from the earliest times have donated  properties and ornaments to the God . The most interesting is a  Padakkam of emerald donated  by Tippu Sultan.All the Shivaite saints  have visited and sung about this great temple .

Ananda Natana prakasam

Muthuswami Dekshithar

Translated by

Ragam Kedaram
Thalam  Mishra  Chapu

Ananda natana prakasam  chithsabhesam,
Aasrayami   Shivakama vallesam

I take shelter in the luster  of the joyful dance,
Of the Lord of the divine stage who is the consort of Shivakami.

Bhanu koti  samkasam,
Bhakthi mukthi prada daharakasam,
Dheena jana  samrakshanachanam.

He who is like the billions of Suns ,
He who is like   the thin sky which gives wealth and salvation,
And who is  one who protects the oppressed men.

Madhya Kala Sahithyam
Divya patathanjali   Vyagrapada   darsitha kunjithabja Charanam

Madhyama kala  Sahithyam
The dancing feet  which was  seen by the divine Vyagrapada  and Pathanjali.

Sheethamsu gangadharam , neela kandharam,
Sri Kedaraa dhi Kshethraadhaaram,
Bruthesam  sardula charmambaramn  Chidambaram,
Bhoosura  trisahasra muneeswaram Visweswaram,
Nava neetha hrudayam  sadaya  guru guha  thathamaadhyam,
Veda Vedhyam  veetharaginam  apremeya advaitha prathipadhyam,
Sangeetha vaadhya  vinodha   thandavajatha bahuthara bedachodhyam.

He who carries  the moon and the ganges , He who has a blue neck,
He who is  the basis of Kedhara and other   temples,
He who has a butter like heart , The Shiva  who is the father  of Guru Guha,
He who is studied by Vedas, who is dispassionate, who is dealt by the unfathomable Advaitha,

He who is entertained by music   and dance  in its very many different forms.

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