Friday, August 14, 2015

Raghuveer thumko meri laj (Sant Thulasi Das BHajan)

Raghuveer  thumko  meri laj

Sant Thulasidas

Translated by

Rag PIloo
Tal  Trital

   (Here is a very popular Bhajan written  by Sant Thulasidas.  It has been sung by

1.Raghuvar  thumko  meri laaj  ,
Sada sada  main   saran thihari  ,
Thumhi garib nivaj

Oh best of Raghu clan, this is my promise to you  ,
Always and always  I  have surrendered to you,
As you are  the  home   for  the poor.

2, Pathith udaran  virad  thumhara,
Sravanan   suni aavaj
2,Uplifting of the  fallen one   is your penance  ,
As soon as   you hear  their  voice

3,Hum tho pathith   purathan   kahiye  ,
Paar utharo jahaj.

3. Tell that I am an ancient  degraded  one  ,
And so take me off the ship.

4.Aghh gandan   dukh banjan   jan ke  ,
Yahi   thiharo  kaaj,\
Thulsi das   par kirapaa keeje  , Bhakthi dhaan  dehum aaj

4.Destroying  sin and breaking  of sorrow ,
Is your   job  ,
Show mercy to Thulasidas  ,

And give  me the alms of devotion hin

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