Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Velavare Ummai

Velavare Ummai
(Oh Lord Muruga searching you)

Ghanam Krishna Iyer

Translated by

Ragam BHairavi
Talam Aadhi

Velavare  Umai thedi oru madanthai   vidiyum   alavum  kattirukindra  vagai yenna

Om Lord Muruga , how is  it one lady  searched for you and and is waiting till sun rise?

Valibamum , CHelvizhi vil puruvam  vadivil (?)  idayum , Mathi Vadanamum ,
Melum aval  meni pasum pon nirame , minnal kodiyo, anna nadayaal  oyilaghave

She blessed with youth, pretty eyes, bow like eye brows, narrow waist, moon like face  ,
And also her body  is of pure gold colour, Looks like  streak of lightning  , walk like a swan

1,Vidham Vidhamai  pachilam Kongai  meedhinile  Veenapani dharithaval  Pallu varisayum,
Kadhali thodayum  adhara kanmiyum  soruuku azhagum  karuthai  urukka, kala kalena  nadayil vandhu

1.Keeping the Veena on   her  young breasts   in different different manner , With pretty row of teeth,
Banana stem like   thighs  , fruit like lips , prettiness  of her dress melting our mind, she comes walking with  “Kala-kala”  laugh

2.Chithira  por palakani vasalile   vandhu nindru  thayangi  mathi  mayangi  thigatta   thavikkiraal,
Kutthram kutilam endrum, than thalayil  ezhuthendrum  kumuri kumuri urugukindral migha Vaadi

2.She comes and stands in front of decorated outer door  with hesitation , and suffers due to  her intense  infatuation,
Telling herself that her crime is intense , that it is her fate , she fades and melts    sobbing and sobbing.

3.Kangal jalangi  muthu  muthai  ugukkiraal, Kaiyai  nerithu  , Thalai Kunindhu  nirkkiraal,
Pengalukku   ungal THiru ullam   irangadho, pesi  maruvi mun polave   chera

3.With great sorrow she is shedding pearl like tears, gnahes her palms and standing with a bent head,
Would not your mind  take pity on ladies so  that after  talking , hugging  uyou can join like earlier.

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