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The Vayu Linga in Srikalahasthi and deekshithar’s krithi on Kalihastheeswara.

The Vayu  Linga in Srikalahasthi and deekshithar’s krithi  on Kalihastheeswara.


   Kalahasthi  temple  is situated   36 km  from the temple  town of  Thirupathi. This temple  is usually referred   top as Dakshina Kailasam. This temple has been named after  a spider(sri) , serpent(Kala)   and an elephant (Hasthi)   who were  very great devotees  of the Lord.It seems once upon a time the elephant used  to daily do Abhishekam by bringing   water in its trunk and  later worship the Linga   by BIlwa leaves.It seems  the spider was protecting the Linga by spinning a web and the serpent  was guarding the linga and used to place the  SArpa rathna(Gem  of serpent) on the  top of the LInga for decoration.
It seems once Goddess  Parvathi  was cursed  by Lord Shiva to take a human form  and she did penance here  to get normal divine form. It seems Lord Shiva   was pleased by her great penance and gave back her divine body   and also  taught her divine  wisdom.Because of this the  Goddess   at this temple   is called Jnanaprasoonambika .There  is also another story of  this temple associating  it with  a hunter  king Kannappa. It seems this hunter was daily  worshipping the linga  .One day he saw  blood flowing   from  one of the eyes of Linga.Greatly perturbed he plucked one of his own eye   and replaced   that wounded eye . But then blood started   flowing from the other   eye. Greatly shocked  , it seems  he plucked another  of his eyes   and replaced   the other eye .God was pleased personally came there and granted him salvation.
   The lamp I lit in the sanctum of the  temple  , which does not have any windows it seems keeps on waving  proving the existence of wind in the  sanctum sanctorum. This  is the reason why people believe that   God here  is the Vayu Linga. This temple is also a  pariharasthala    for sarpa dosha. It is believed  that if this parihara  pooja is done in the  Rahu Kala    it is extremely effective.
    This temple also has sub temples for Shiva  Lingas  dedicated to all the five elements.

   Muthuswami Deekshithar  one of the  musical trinity  of Tamilnadu had visited   this temple and has  composed   a Krithi extolling    the Lord and the Goddess.. Here  is that Krithi with English translation:-

Sri Kalahastheesa

Muthuswami deekshithar

Translated  by

Ragam Huseini
Talam Jampa

 Sri Kalahatheesa   sritajanavanasameerakara,
Maam pahi  Rajamaule   ehi

Please protect me  oh God of Kalahasthi , who protects  those who take refuge  in you,
Who is the form   of air   and who is Rajamauli

Pakari   vidhi   hari pranamaya kosa anila  aksha 
Bhumi  salilagni  praksha  shiva,

You are  the soul   of  Indra, Brahma    and Lord Vishnu 
And you are the air who illuminates the ether  , earth  , water and fire,

Jnana   prasomnnambika pathe , bhakthabhimana  ,
Dakshina Kailasa vasa, abheeshta dana chathura karabja,
Deena Karuna nidhe  soona shara suda, ajnana hara pasupathe ,
(Madhyama kala sahithyam)
Jnana  Guruguha  sachidanandamaya murthe,
Hina jathi kiratakena   poojitha  keerthe

Lord of Jnanaprasoonambika   who lives  in Dakshina Kailasa,
Recognised  by devotees  , who fulfills desires  ,
Who using his able lotus  like hands  is the treasure of mercy of the   suffering,
Who killed  God who has arrows of flower , who destroys ignorance  , Who is lord of all beings ,
Who was taught Jnana  by Subrahmanya  , who is pervaded   with divine  joy 

And who has   the fame of being worshipped  by a lower caste  hunter.

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