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Agni lingam of Arunachaleswarar temple , Thiruvanna malai and Deekshithar krithi on Agni lingam

Agni lingam of Arunachaleswarar temple  , Thiruvanna malai

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       Thiruvannamalai (Literally the  divine brother’s mountan)  is a town in Tamil Nadu. The temple of Arunachaleswarar , possibly the biggest  Shiva temple  any where  in the world is  located here  on the foothills  of Arunachala  mountain. IT occupies an area of  10 hecatres and has its eastern Gopuram  which is 66 meters  tall. There is a thousand pillar  mantapa there.  There  is a very interesting story  behind this temple  .It seems once  Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma   had   a difference of opinion  about the relative superiority of each other and they approached  Lord Shiva to judhe. Lord Shiva  stood before them as  a column of fire    and asked them to find either his feet  or head.Lord Brahma took the form of a swan and went  to the  top searching  for the head of Shiva and Lord Vishnu   took the form of a  boar  and went searching for the  feet of Lord Shiva. After  trying their  best , when Lord Vishnu admitted that  he failed in his task, Lord Brahma   said  that he had seen the head of Shiva   and quoted a  Thazham poo flower  as the flase  witness .Lord Shiva then cursed  Lord Brahma  that there should be no temple for  Lord Brahma  in this earth and that  Thazham poo flower  should not be used  for worship of God. Then Shiva stood as a column of fire   during Kritha yuga  , was an emerald  during thretha  yugam , gold during Dwapara yugam and as a stone in Kaliyuga. Carbon dating has indicated that the rock of Arunachala  mountains is of very ancient  origin.That stone is the present Arunachala hills   and a temple to Lord Shiva  was  built  for Shiva in the  foot hills,There is a Sanskrit  saying that  , you  would get salvation   if you see God of Chidambaram, , if you  take birth at Tiruvarur  , if you die in Benares   and just by thinking  of Arunachalam. Another  sloka says , that   all the stones  of  Arunachala  are Shiva lingas.The Goddess  at this temple is called Apeetha Kuchambal (Unna mulai  amman.)  ,Arunachala the mountain has been for ages  has been the place of  stay and penance  of very many great sages.

Arunachala Nadham

Muthuswami Deekshithar

Translated by

Ragam Saranga
Thalam Roopakam

Arunachala Nadham   smarami anisam,
Apeetha kuchambha samedham

I meditate  on the lord of Arunachala(Red mountain)  without interruption,
Along with the Goddess Apeetha Kuchamba. (Mother with  unfed breasts)

Smaranath   kaivalyapradha   charanaravindham,
Thaunadhithya  koti  sankasa  Chidanantham.

The lotus like fet which on remembering would give salvation,
Which has the luster of billions  of young Suns and which is divinely joyous.

Madhyama Kala Sahithyam
Karuna rasadhi kandham  saranagatha  sura vrundham

Madhyama Kala Sahithyam
The flower full of juice of mercy  to which groups of devas surrender

Apraakrutha thejomaya lingam , athyadhbutha kara drutha sarangam,
Aprameyamaparnaabja brungam  AAroodathunga vrusha  thurangam

The  shining  Linga which is not natural , who holds in his hand a wonderful deer,
The unfathomable measure of lotus like Parvathi, who rides   on bull which travels fast.

Madhyama  Kala Sahithyam
Viprothama visesha antharangam , veera guruguha thara prasangam,
SWapradheepa mouli vidrutha gangam , swaprakasa jitha   somagni pathangam.

Madhyama Kala Sahithyam
God who is in the special mind of great Brahmins*, who is  the protector of the valorous guru Guha,
Who shines with    The ganges decorating his head   and shines himself      with  the spark  fire and the moon
       *this refers   to the great honour   shown to  Thirujnana  Sambandar   at  this temple

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