Friday, May 1, 2015

Varija nayana nee vadanu

Varija nayana nee vadanu
Saint  Thyagaraja
Translated   by
Ragam  Kedara Gaula
Thalam Aadhi
Varija nayana nee vadanu, nenu  ,
Varamu nannu brovu
Oh Lotus eyed one  , I am your person,
So you have    to protect me always
1.Swalpa phaladhilagu   velpulu    yesina  ,
Alpadanusu   nannanandharu balkina
1.Though   other Gods who give less results tempt me,
Though  every one jointly calls me a useless   person
2.SArivaralu   yi dharalo  navvina  ,
Pari pari   vidhamula   badhalu  pettina
2.Though equals on this earth laugh    at me ,
And though they make me suffer  in various ways
3.Kashtmu  rani  , ishtamu rani  ,
Dushtudanusu  nanu dhorrina gani
3.Whether troubles come , whether   desires are fulfilled,
And whether   I am blamed   as an evil one
4.Papaulu naa pai   mopina neramu  ,
Sri pathi   nee padha chindhane ghani
4.Oh Lord of Lakshmi, even if sinners   put blames,
On me  , I would never forget    your divine feet.
5.Bagusu   neeve bhagyamu   gani,
Raga rahitha   Thyagaraja vinutha   Hare.
5.Oh Lord who is detached, Oh Hari who is saluted,
By Thyagaraja, Since you are all my luck ,
(You only have to protect me)

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