Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Iyane Ramane yen chol apacharam

Iyane   Ramane   yen chol apacharam
(Oh Lord  Rama , my words , were a mistake)
Arunchala Kavi Rayar
Translated by
Ragam  Saveri
Thalam  Adathalam
Iyane   Ramane   yen chol apacharam,
Upacharam   aakki kolvaye  ayya
Oh Lord Rama  , my words   were a mistake  ,
Oh Lord please  make it in to words of appreciation.
Kayil   aakatha  naan   yethethu sonnalum ,
Kakka kadam, yen pizhayai  neeka kadan  , un baram ayya
Whatever I who am  an inefficient  one   say ,
It is your duty    to protect  me   as well as remove  my errors.
1.Ellathanayum   kutham  ,
Illatha Shubha chatham  ,
THella  theliyen  Motham  ,
Cheithen itho sutham,
Vellai kavi   yendrum   , ithu sonna  ,
Pillai kavi   yendum soladhallal  ,
Villa thagumo pazhuthukal,
Ulla thagumo sami nee ,
THalla thagumo   thiruvalam,
KOlla   thagumo   arikilen.
!, A sound which does not have   even a gingelly  of errors,
I who am clear  , Did all this  in a very clear manner.
Except telling that he is a white poet   and  a  child  poet  ,
Is it possible   to repair the  defects, And Oh lord could you be there,
Without pushing away your divine  mind and  accept that , I do not know
2. Narporul neethamum  , nava rasa bhedhamum,
Vaippulla geethamum , vanna vinodhamum ,
Oppu  therivano  , athilulla  thappu theriveno  , Ilakkana  ,
Chorpikkariyen un pUgazh   karpikkariyen  solli  ,
Meypikkariyen   sami   , oppikariyen yengal.
2.Follwing   of    good conduct , differentiation of  none  different tastes ,
With songs   which are    very good, With  medley of pretty colours,
I  do not know   their comparison neither  do I know    their mistakes,
I do not know words  according   grammar , Oh Lord  ,
Who has fame  of telling   the truth , I do not know how to compare.
3.Uthama muni munnam  uraikka, Kambar chonna,
Nattamizh thannai   Chinna natakam ithu yenna
Vaithu , ippadi kanden . periyor  mun ,
Puthi pizhai konden, Yen sami   pithu chol vaippole ,
Chanthikka    orukkale  , nandhi cholum ,
Yen mele  chithathil  ithathale  .
3.After the great sage   told the story   earlier, using  good THamizh  ,
What  was  told by Kambar was  made  by  me in to  a small drama,
  And placed   before   great people  ,
I made a mistake in  my wisdom , Like the mad sayings of my lord,
Which happened to meet me  and took out  ,

In a pleasant way what was in my mind.

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