Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Varmamam yen meedhil (Tamil)

Varmamam yen meedhil

Anai Ayya

Translated by

Ragam Saveri

Talam Roopakam

Varmama   yen meedhil   Dharma samvardini  , easwari,

Oh Dharma samvardhini  , Oh Goddess  , are   you angry with me

Karmam vilakkum   nirmala Shiva-karani  , yennai kaakka innamum.

Oh consort of Lord Shiva who   tells about  our Karma , still to protect me

1.Anju vayathu mudhalai unathu   kanja malar  padham thanai   yaan,
Thanjamendre anji  thudikkum nenjam   arindhum,
KOnjidum sukham  ozhiya indha vanchakam  cheivadenna nyayam,
Pancha  nadheesarukku ugandha panchakshari karunai pozhiya.

1,In spite  of knowing   that   after I was five years old , I have ,
Surrendered   to your lotus  like feet    and my heart   was beating with fear,
What is this justice  of  doing this deceit  by depriving me  of the pleasure of talking  baby talks with you,
Oh  Goddess   with  five letters   suited to the God of five  rivers, instead of showering mercy

2.Shen chadayinil  pinju mathiyum  , nenjil kodu nanju nindeedum,
Chen  chol   madhura tamizh   vaaku arul   sabesarukku ranimane ,
Chen chilamboli   minji yadhal   konjum    yen mozhi  kettilayo  ,
Yen cholluven   un  Charithram yen chollai kettu arul innamum.

2.Oh queen of Sabesa who wears    young moon   on his red matted hair ,
Who  great poison standing in his heart  and  who tells sweet   tamil words  ,
If you did you   not hear my   words   due to the sound of   your pretty anklets  making more sound,
Why would I tell you   your story   and so please from now  on bless me after  hearing my words.

3.Manju adar thennam cholayum  kanja malar poootha   adaviyum,
Manjal , kathali, inji , mattu urunji pala kaniyum,
Ranjitham ongum yengal anju nadikku arasaagiya,
Vanchi UMadasan  thudikkum , sanjeevi aparanji  innamum

3.Oh  purest of gold   who is the medicine   for  all who is praised by  Vanchi Umadasan,
Who is the king   of the  area of five rivers  which is filled with  dew filled coconut gardens,
Forests where red flowers have opened   and    areas where   turmeric,
Banana, ginger   mangoes    as well  of  jack fruits.
(I did not get this Krithi in Tamil script  and I am not at all sure of my guess about third line-Umadasa  is the Mudhra)

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