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Nauka Charithram of Saint Thyagaraja

Nauka Charithram
(The story of the boat)
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by

     I do not know whether  this work should be called   an opera or a dance drama   or simply  a drama as it existed  in  those days, when  the drama is introduced  by a Suthra dara   and later   the characters of the Drama    themselves sing   instead of talk  .   This drama   consists of    20   Krithis  , set in 13  Ragas   in Telugu.  The story  is not found in Vyasa’s  original BHagawatham. But   there is a work in Bengali called  Nauka Vilasa   and a few works in Marathi   dealing about the same subject   A work  of drama called  Nauka nirupna written by Ananda Thanaya     which was  popular in Thanjavur.  Unlike the other famous Drama called   Sri Prahladha Bhakthi Vijaya  , which starts    prayers   to very many savants    and Ganesa , this story does not seem to have similar  introductory  verses. The story   in short is this:-
  The Gopis    take along with them  Lord Krishna    for a play involving boat in river Yamuna.  They with pride refuse   the help  offered by Krishna    to launch the boat  . Then once the boat is launched, the Gopis start making merry with Krishna     as their object of love . This does not last long . Krishna summons a storm and boat   developed a hole and the boat was   getting filled with water . Gopis are worried and turn to Krishna   to save them . Krishna advises them to remove their cloths and seal the hole in the boat. Though they did it unwillingly  , this   did not help. Their cloths   are swept away  . Then the Gopis realize that  Only Krishna   the God can help them. As soon as they lose   their pride Krishna saves them . This story possibly indicates     the need of the unqualified surrender by the devotee  to the God.  Saint Thyagaraja a serious composer    handles the theme extremely well avoiding    all  sort  of erotic scenes. This  Drama is considered as one of  the top gem like composition of   Thyagaraja. Interestingly enough , there  is only  a rare reference to  Lord Rama.
    Due to non availability to me  , I have left out the comments in between the Krithis   by Thyagaraja  , Explaining some steps , not described    in the Krithis.
      A choreographed    drama is available in the  Door Dharshan archives.
1.Srungarinchu koni   vedaliri
(The gopis flirt with  the  boy Krishna   and   start  going   to Yamuna along with him for a  sport  involving boat )
Saint  Thyagaraja
 Translated by
Ragam Suati
 Thalam Aadhi
.Srungaringhu koni    vedaliri  ,
Sri Krishnani thonu
After  making them up  ,
Along with Krishna    they started
Angaranga  vaibhoga  tho  go-
Panganamanu   lentho    sogasuga
With a festival in their mind   those ,
Gopa ladies  along with  great   élan
1.VNavvulu   gulkusu   nokathe  koppuna  ,
Puvvulu   mudugusu  nokathe  ,
Duvvusu  gurulanu  nokathe   krishnuni  ,
Ravva jeyusu   nokathe   vetkaka
1.One of them was shaking with laughter  ,
Another was making Krishna wear great flowers,
Another was  combing his hair and yet another,
Was teasing Krishna   and making fun of him.
2.Magadu  vidanusu   nokathe    ravikayu  ,
Biguvana   jerchusu  , nokathe  ,
THanuvu   thanakanusu   nokathe  pada,
Yugamula   nothusu  nokathe   vetkaga
2. One was shouting , he is the only man  ,
Another was tying tightly   her blouse,
And another was shouting “He  belongs to me”,
And another   was seen catching  hold of his feet.
3.Sokkusu   solusu  nokathe   Krishnuni  ,
Garkkuna  muddhidi   nokathe  ,
Pakkaku  rammanusu   nokathe  madu pula  ,
Nakkara nosagusu  nokathe  vedkaga
3.One was benumbed by him  , another ,
Suddenly kissed him  another   called him,
“Come near me” and another ,
Was offering him folded  THamboola
4.Parimala landhusu  , nokathe  sri Hari,
Hari yanu  sunu nokathe  payyedha,
Jripi   vedugonasunokathe  vedkaga
4.One lady offered  him scented articles ,
One was shouting “Sri Hari, hari”,
One tightly hugged him to her chest,
And another slipped down her upper cloth and requested him
5.SArasaksha  yanusunu  nokathe   kanu-
Saiganu   biluchusu  mokathe ,
Rara yanusunu   nokathe thyaga –
Raja   sakhudanusu  niokathe vetkaga
5.One called him , “lotus eyed one”, one ,
Made a sugn with her   eye  and called him  ,
Another called him “Please come” ,
And another   told , he is friend of Thyagaraja(shiva).
2.Aadavaarella  goodi
(The Gopa  ladies talk  about what all they   should do?)
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam  Yadhu kula  Khamboji
Thalam chapu
AAdavaarella  goodi mana,
Maduthamu   harini vedi
 WE  , All the ladies would join togathwr ,
Request Hari and start  playing.
Krishnudu joodaga   manamu  jala-
Kreeda  salpa manchi   dhinamu
When Krishna is seeing  us  ,
WE would play    in the water.
1.Kamala nethruni basi  sukha maa ,oda-
Gattu   jercha   mana tharamaa
1.Is  parting with lotus eyed one pleasant?
Would we be able to move the boat to the shore?
2.Rajakumarudu  vidu nava-
Rathna sommulu   nettinadu
2. He   is a prince and is wearing,
Ornaments studded with  nine type of gems
3,Basi bidda   gadhatavamma   veedu,
Bhayabaduno   theliyathamma
3,Oh lady , is he not a small child  ,
I do not know whether he   would  be scared.
4.THalltho  chadi  balkudhure   mana,
 THalalu   vambimba   doorudhure
4,If some one tells about this to his mother,
Would she not scold us and make   us bend our head
5.Mataku   jodounu  gaani  mana,
Yatalu  deliyaka boni
5.Though our sports    would be secret ,
At the end  it would lead to talk.
6,Yuvathuklaaraa   meelane   meeru  ,
Yochimpa   brotdhu  poyyini
6.Oh young ladies   , if you think like this,
Soon it    would turn in to morning
7.Chalu chalitu  Raramma  oda,
SAlilamandhu  droyaramma
7,Suffecient , it is sufficient,
Push the    boat in the water
8,Thyagaraja nuthudu   veedu  vabi-
THala   matalu   vinaledu.
8.He is a friend of Thyagaraja ,
He would not obey words  of ladies.
3. CHoodare chelulaaraa  Yamuna devi
(The Gopis describe    the beauty of river Yamuna)
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated  by
Ragam  Panthuvarali
Thalam Chapu
CHoodare chelulaaraa  Yamuna devi,
Sogasella santhoshamuna
Oh ladies   see the  prettiness  of this,
Lady Yamuna  with great  joy.
Yerrani  pangeruhamule   andhu,
Yimpaina   brunga nadha mule
 See the red lotus flowers   and the bees,
Hovering round them producing sweet sounds
1,Isukadhinne   lenna   theupe  menu,
Indra neelamu   vanti  nalupe
1,There   are white sand dunes in the river,
And near them  the black river Yamuna    is looking like Indraneela.
2.Metikalu  vajarampu chilale   andhu,
Kutilamaina chinna yalale
2, There are    steps to the river which are diamond like ,
And below them the  little waves  which come curved.
3.Hamsale   ravaliche   jala devi,
Yadhiko  chelange   nee Vela.
3.The Goddess Yamuna is shining  due
To the songs  of the swan.

4,Polathulkaara  podarintle   thene ,
LOluku kharjorapu   pandle
4.Please    see the   bowers   and also,
The honey    dripping   from the date  palms.
5,Phalamuche   draksha  lathale   andhu  ,
Pacchani   chilukala   jathale  .
5.See there   the   grape fruits  hanging from the vines,
 And green parrots   in pairs on them.
6. Vindha vindha virula vana  madhi,
Kenthentho  marulayyane
6.The showers of different   types of flowers,
Adds   tpo the desires in the mind
7.Kokilamulu  mrosene marudu ,
Kusuma charambu   vesene
7.The koels are singing   and the cupid,
Is shooting     arrows of flowers .
8.Challani   Malaya maruthame  Krishna  ,
Swamini   goodunathi sathame
8.The cool breeze is wafting from the  mountains,
And it is definite that  we would be joining  Krishna
9.  Raja vadanalaaraa   ganare  THyaga  ,
Raja sakhuni   pada  vinare
9.Oh moon faced ladies  look and listen,
To the music sung by friend of Thyagaraja
4.Yemani  nera  nammu  kondhumu   Krishna
(The gopis recount the action of deceit of Lord Krishna with a view to tease   him)
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam Saurashtram
Thalam   Chapu
Yemani  nera  nammu  kondhumu   Krishna,
Yenthukindha Vaadhu
How can we believe    in you, Krishna,
Why this deceit
1.Jalakamadu vela  valuvalu  dachi mam-
Malayimpaka   ledhaa
1.When we were taking bath , did you not,
Hide  our cloths  and made  us worried?
2.Mudhi thala  rammani  thilakamuliti  panta,
Movi nokka ledhaa
2.Calling us by saying you would put thilaka,
Did you not   bite our lips.
3.Munu neevu  vanna   naraginchi   tharunula  mo-
Muna   booyaledhaa
3.Earlier    after   eating away all the butter, did you not,
Apply   a little of it  on the cheeks of the lasses.
4.Vadhinegari  chandhamuna   vachi  pavada ,
Vadha linchi  poledhaa
4.Coming in the guise of sister in law of a lady,
Did you not pull   het petticoat.
5.Dorikidhivani  chadi  cheppa bothe   dalli  ,
YUramuna lundaledhaa
5.When we went to complain that you have been,
Caught  , were you not seen sitting on lap of your mother?
6,Kaminchi   yagna pathnulu   vedaga   venu,
Gaana monarppa  ledhaa
6.One day when with great desire the wifes of Brahmins asked you,
Did you not play the flute    for them.
7.AAnadu pongali nee kidi , konnalu  ,
Vana nunda ledhaa
7.When the  pongal was offered    to you (instead of Indra) that day,
Did it not rain for seven days
7.Daranu  Thyagaraja   vinuthuni  palukulu  ,
THappi  podhana  lethaa.
7.Would not the words  of the lord  worshipped,
By Thyagaraja   some times go wrong?
5.Yememo theliyaka balikedharu
(Krishna tells them  they are  unnecessarily  telling without understanding his actions.)
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam  SAurashtram
Thalam Chapu
Yememo theliyaka balikedharu, chelulara ,
Naamedha dhayaleka
Oh ladies without  understanding  you were  telling ,
Accusing  me without  mercy.
Munu   mandharagiri   munuga   koormamai  , vee-
Puna  dalchaga   ledhaa
When the Mandhara mountain sank   earlier  , did I not,
Become a tortoise  and lifted it on my back.
1.Kariraju  makariche  gaasi  chendaga   nenu ,
Garuna jooda ledhaa
1.When the king of elephants was caught  by the crocodile ,
Did I not show mercy for him?
2.Vravaka   neeru  jochina  somakuni  gotti,
Vedamu theledhaa
2.When the Somasura hid himself in the ocean, did I not  ,
Fearlessly kill him and recover Vedas   from him.
3.Kalindhi loni  kaliyuni  madhambunu ,
Kala   nanacha ledhaa
3.Did I not in the Yamuna river   destroy  the pride ,
Oh Kaliya   using     only my feet
4.Makaramu gomboyna   guru puthruni ,
Mari dechi   yosaga  ledhaa
4.Did you not bring again the sons of your Guru,
 Who were taken away by crocodile and return them?
5.THyagarajunaku   sakhudaina   naadhu pra-
THapamu  vinaledha
5.Have you not heard     about  fame of me,
Who is the friend   of Thyagaraja.
6.Odanu jaripe  muchada ganare
(Thyagaraja   asks you to see the ladies  in the boat who are singing and dancing)
Saint Thyagaraja
 Translated by
Ragam  SAranga
 Thalam Aadhi
Odanu jaripe  muchada ganare,
Vanithalaaraa nedu.
Oh ladies   look at the scene  of ,
Moving  of boats   today.
AAdavaru  Yamunakada  krushnuni koodi  ,
Yadusu padusu nandaru joodaga
The scene with every one   seeing   along with Krishna  ,
Singing and   dancing      along with Krishna
1.Kondharu   hari keerthanumulu   bada ,
Kondharu anandamuna  mudhulaada,
KOndharu  Yamuna devini Veda ,
KOndharu  muthayapu   sarulasiyada
1.With some of them singing songs on Hari  ,
With   some of them  with joy  dancing and kissing,
With some of   them requesting Goddess  Yamuna,
And  with some others with their pearl necklaces   waving
2.Kondharu  thada bada  balintlu   kadhala,
KOndharu  bangaru  valvalu  vadhala,
Kondharu  kutilalakamulu  medhala  ,
KOndharu  balkusu   krishnanuni   kadhala
2.With some of them staggering making their breasts shake,
With some other having their golden  silk apparels moving away,
With   of  them  having their forelocks    flying ,
With some of them talking  about sports of Krishna
3.KOndharu   thyayagara sakhude   yanaka  ,
Kondhari  kasthuri   bottu  karagaga  ,
Kondhari   goppula   virulu  jaraga,
Kondhari   kankanamulu   gallanga
3.Some  of them telling he is friend of Thyagaraja ,
With the musk thila of some of them getting erased,
With the flowers decorating the hair of some falling down,
With   the  bangles of some people making sound Gal.
6. Thanayandhe   premayanusu   viribonulu
(Each Gopi thought  that Krishna   was in love with  them ,When Krishna  played them with all)
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam  Bhairavi
Thalam   Chapu
Thanayandhe   premayanusu   viribonulu,
THala  theliyaka   naadedharu
Each of those ladies thinking  that  Krishna ,
Was only in love with them lost their head   and danced.
Anayamu   mohamu meeraga   Krushnudu  ,
Anthari  kanni   roopamulu yethi   yadaka
When their passion for him increased a lot, Krishna  ,
For each of them took a form    and played   with them.
1.Kondhari bangaru   kongulu bata,
Kondhari   bathamulu  baguga netta
KOndhari   sogasunu   kanulaara  jooda  ,
KOndhari manasu   delisi matalada
1.He pulled the golden dresses of some  ,
He pushed the   feet  of some by his feet  ,
He  stared and enjoyed the beauty of some
He understood   the mind of some and talked with them.
2.Kondhari angamunu   bavvalimpa,
KOndhari pedavula   balukempu luncha,
Kondhari   thanuvula   kara leela seya
KOndhari   venuka  nilisi   Jadaveyya
2.He laid down on the laps of some  ,
He applied red paint on the lips of some  ,
He  played love games with hand on bodies of some,
He stood behind some and   started making up their braids.
KOndhari  nudhutaga sthuri   bottu petta,
KOndhari  thaluku   chekkula   mudhu betta,
KOndhari  palindla  banner   jilka,
KOndharitho   Thyagaraja nuthudu   Balka
3. He putr thila with muskon the forehead of some,
He kissed the shining    cheeks of some  ,
He sprayed rose water on the  breasts of some ,
And  that one praised by Thyagaraja talked with some.
7.Yenomu  nochithmo   chelula
(The ecstasy of the gopis   in being able move with passion  with Krishna)
Saint   Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam  Punnagavarali
Thalam   Roopakam
Yenomu  nochithmo   chelula,
May dhanam osagithimo
Oh   Ladies, wha penance have we undertaken,
 And what charity   have we   given.
Srinathu  koluvamare   jelula  ,
Chekkillu  nothusunu  ,
Manaka  mevanusu chand=
Rananu   hrudayamuna  muncha
When   the consort of Lakshmi  is sitting royally,
To rub  our cheeks   with that of his,
And continuously drink from his lips,
And  hug the moon faced one   with our heart
1.Sri Rathnamulu   manamu chelulu  ,
Sri minchu youvanamu  ,
Varija  lochanudu   chelula  ,
Palaye gathavamma ,
Korikka leederenu   yadhu,
Veeruni   kanulara  jooda
1.Oh ladies are we not gem among  women,
And our wealth is the youth that  is better than goddess Lakshmi,
And so the lotus eyed  one has   become  ours  and our wishes fulfilled,
And to see     the hero to the maximum wish of the eye
2.Bangru somamulanu   jelulu  ,
Bagugaa bettu koni  ,
Srungarambaramulanu   jelulu  ,
Cheluvondha   gattu koni  ,
Sangathigananga mulu  su-
Panguniki   nosangaga  mana
2.Wearing golden ornaments   in a pretty way  ,
To wear  lovely cloths in a stylish  way,
And to  offer him our body with our own consent
3.Bongaru yi nadhilo   jelulu  ,
Bondhugaa   gumi goodi  ,
Mangala garu nitho  chelulu  ,
Manasara goodi dhimi  ,
Ranga pathiyu   pongusumana  ,
Chengadanu   jelangaga  mana
3.Oh friends to assemble near this    river with ebbing flow,
WE managed   with full heart  to get the company  of this auspicious one  ,
For this  lord of the stage   to be near us with   great joy  .
4.Vageesaathya  marulaku   jejala ,
Varnimpa   thara moune  ,
THyagarajapthunitho  jelulu  ,
Bogagamulanthu   chunu ,
Baguga   damirega   ganu naya  ,
Ragamu  lelagu bata.
4,Oh ladies can this be described  even by Lord Brahma ,
After   sharing the pleasures    with the friend of Thyagaraja ,
When our  enthusiasm ebbed , to sing in these pretty   Ragas
8.Chalu chalu   neeyukthalu   naduvadhu
(Gopis tell Krishna  to stop his tricks and that they have  come because of their love to him .)
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam  Saveri
Thalam Chapu
Chalu chalu   neeyukthalu   naduvadhu,
Sarasaksha sri Krishna
Oh lotus eyed  one , Oh Krishna ,
Stop , stop, your tricks    would not work.
Soola daradhula   karudhaina   mamu goodi  ,
Shukhamula  nubha vimpave Sri Krishna
You  enjoy pleasure   with us,
Who are not available even to shiva who holds  the shula.
1,Adharadhanamula gani sokkusu  may-
Masinchivachithimi .
Budha Rakshaka salya  saradhya monarinchi .
Ponguderuga maithimi   Sri Krishna.
1.Seeing   your pretty lips  and teeth ,
We became attracted in you and came here,
Oh Lord who protects the wise and we did not know,
That   you would tell a lie like the charioteer  SAlya,
2.Kanda chakkeravati  palukulu  vini memu,
Kaminchi vachithimi ,
Undiyundi paluni gili  mari thotla ,
Yoochana   derugamaithimi   Sri Krishna
2.Hearing your words which are  ;ike  sugar candy ,
We fell in love with you and came here,
Oh Krishna   we did not know   your habit of not talking
And pinching the baby and rocking    the cradle.
3.Thyagaraja nuthudani  yathi premache ,
Tharunulu vachithimi ,
Bogi sayana maa matalu meerragu,
Budhisali  veladhu   sumee sri Krishna.
3.When we  who are lasses  loved you thinking   that you are fit,
To be worshipped like Thyagaraja and came here,
Oh Lord who sleeps on the serpent, be an intelligent boy ,
And do not    disobey       our words.
9.Choothamu rare  yi vedkanu
(The poet calls us   to see  the play   of all those lasses.)
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam   Kapi
Thalam Chapu
Choothamu rare  yi vedkanu,
Sudhathulara   nedu
Hey come  , oh damsels with pretty teeth,
To see    today    the fun.
Puru hoothathula   karudhaina   yodalo  ,
Yuvidhalella   harini goodi   yadedharu.
All the damsels along with Hari are dancing  in the boat ,
Which is rare   even   to Lords like  Indra.
1.Okari kokkaru   gandhamu   naldhedharu,
Okari kokkaru   thilakamu  diththetharu,
Okari kokkaru   veedemu   losagetharu  ,
Okari kokkaru   Haramu vesedharu
1.They applied sandal paste on one another ,
They marked Thilaka   on each other  ,
They were offering    thamboola to each other  ,
And  they were purtting garlands  on each other.
2.Okari kokkaru   valu valu  gattedharu  ,
Okari kokkaru  ravikalu   dodigedharu  ,
Okari  kokkaru   gaukida   goorchedharu,
Okari kokkaru   thamalo   sokkedharu.
2, They were tying dresses on each other  ,
They were making each other wear blouses,
 They  were embracing each other ,
They were each attracted by one another
3.Okari kokkaru    patalu padedharu,
Okari kokkaru   sarasamu  sadedharu,
Okari kokkaru  Hariyanu   choosedharu  ,
Okari kokkaru   Kanaka  bramasedharu
3.They were singing songs to each other ,
They were   teasing each other  with love,
They were seeing each other as Hari,
They  were bewildered at   not seeing one another
(Note:  No Thyagaraja mudhra   here  in this song)
10.Evaru manaku   samana milalo
(The ladies are telling each other there is no  one  to compare with them.)
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam  Deva Gandhari
Thalam Aadhi
Evaru manaku   samana milalo
Nindhulaara nedu
Oh Ladies , today  who are   there equal to us?
Avani , Hari   Hara Brahmadhi   Sura,
Lasache   mose poyiri   ganukanu
Thinking that it is  OK, Brahma, Shiva    , Narayana and other Devas,
Were deceived  due to desire for women.
Naluva   thanayapai   mohamu  jendhi  ,
Nadu thagilipoye   muddhu  ,
LOluku Sri Hari   valasuchu  Brunda ,
Loludai poye,
Siluva  bhooshanudu  Daruka   vanapu  ,
Chelula  palaaye  ,Go-
Kulamuna Thyagaraja  nuthudu mana-
Valla  dagili poye   ganukanu.
 Due to the passion arising on his own daughter ,
Lord Brahma   was caught  ,
The very charming  Hari   got attracted  by Brunda ,
And became    her slave  ,
The wearer of snakes as ornaments  got  in to,
The custody of wives of Daruka vana due to love  ,
And in this Gokula , he    who is praised  by Thyagaraja,
Fell in to   our  net.
11.Unnathavuna   nunda niyyadhu
(There is storm created  by  Krishna   and rain and boat develops a leak. The Gopis are upset.)
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam  Gantaa
Thalam Chapu
Unnathavuna   nunda niyyadhu,
YUrumulaithe   venaka   thiyyadhu
This rain is not permitting us   to remain,
Where we are   and sound of thunder is  not going back.
Sudigali yoda jutti  ,
Vadiga  vanalaithe   gotti
The  tempest   is  rotating the boat ,
And the waves are  lashing at it  with speed.
1.Odalo   randharamu  galigeyi,
Vanithala  kevvaru   salige
1,Alas the boat has developed a hole,
And who are  there to help these ladies
2.Kanulakendhu  ganaradhu , gathi,
Kalindhi   manakika  meedhu
2.Nothing is visible to our eyes,
Only this river  Yamuna is our support.
3.Mathi povu dhari janiramma  , apude  ,
Madhamimpa   valadanti   namma
3.Oh ladies this happened because we followed our mind,
Dis I not tell you  that so much pride  should not be there.
4.Manayokkacho  goodaradhu ,pralaya ,
Mana  nidhigaa   veruledhu
4.We should not crowd in a place for,
This indeed is deluge and nothing else.
5.Raja vadanalu   raramma  , Thyaga-
Rajasakhuni   joodaramma
5.Oh moon faced ones please come and let us ,
See  the friend of Thyagaraja.
12.Alla kallolamayenamma Yamunadevi
(The gopis are greatly upset and are   feeling helpless  )
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam SAurashtram 
Thalam Aadhi
Alla kallolamayenamma Yamunadevi , maa,
Yarthuthellaa  dheeerpu mayamma
 It has become turbulent and confusing, Oh Goddess  Yamuna  ,
And Oh mother    solve    all our problems.
Mollalache   poojinchi  ,
Mrokkedhamu brovumamma
We worshipped you with jasmine flowers,
And so please  protect us.
1.Marubariki   dalalekha yi Raja ku-,
Maruni  dechidhi yindhaka,
THarumaraye  brathuku,
THathalinchuna  dhendhaaga
1.Unable to bear the arrows of cupid ,
WE brought this prince till here,
Our life has been destroyed,
How long should we continue to suffer.
2.Gali vanalu  nindaraye  maa panulella ,
Gelu   seyudakedamaye,
Malimi tho   mammelu ,
Maganee yedabayanaaye
2. The storm and rain has become stronger,
And our actions  are  being laughed at,
Please   save us   with love ,
WE also   left away   our men.
3.Sommulella   nee kosagedhamamma,
Yamuna devi yi,
Sumukhuni  gattu  joppavamma,
Yemmekani   balimini   yela   dichithi mamma
3.Oh river Yamuna, we would  give all  our ornaments,
Only to you , please make the pleasant  faced one to the shore,
Why did we    bring this pretty one   using force?
4.Nalina bhavudu  vrasina   vraalu   etulainagani,
Nathudu  brathigiyundina  jalu  ,
Pralayamu  layyenii ye-
Pani   chesina   bamalu.
4. Whatever may  have been written,
On our head by Lord Brahma,
Please save   our Lord ,
Whatever   we women do,
It ends in a deluge.
5,DEhamulella   nosage   thamamma ,
Oh Devi, Krishna devuni gattu  jerppuvamma  ,
Mohananguni memu  ,
Mosa buchithimamma
5.Oh mother we odffer all  our bodies to you ,
Oh Goddess , please somehow take Krishna ashore.
WE deceived this pretty  one and brought   him here.
6.May mokkatencha podithimamma   maapali devu,
Dememo  yenchu konnadamma ,
Ramaro  Sri Thyagarajapthuni  bayamamma
6.We thought of one thing and came but ,
This one who is the God who protects  us,
Is thinking of some other thing,
Oh ladies do not part with this   friend of Thyagaraja.
13.Perugu palu bujiyinchi
(The Gopis ask Krishna whether   their life and   actions  was only a waste.)
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated  by
Ragam   GHanda
Thalam  Aadhi
Perugu palu bujiyinchi thanuvula  ,
Benchina  della nindhugaa
Was our efforts   in looking after  our body,
By drinking    curd and  milk  only for this?
Niravadhi sukha dayaka maa vayasu ,
Oh Lord who gives various pleasures  ,
Is our youth only meant to get dissolved in water?
1.Atha  mama latho  nee kai may   medhu-
Radina   dhella    yindhuka,
SAtha galigi   ikanaina   nundhumANI ,
Santhasillina dhindhukaa
1.Was our fighting   with our   father and mother in law,
Only for this purpose  ?
Our  getting strength  and thinking   that we would,
At least now  get pleasure  , only for this purpose ?
2.Aasa theera   nee seva   valayunani  ,
Arasina   della   nindhukaa,
Pasiyundaneraka  peddhala che  ,
Bamula  jendhina dhindhuka
2.  Our searching with an aim to serve   you,
Till our desires are exhausted was only for this purpose,
Not able to part with you   and getting ,
Scolded   by elders   was only this purpose .
3.Snana pananalu  jeyu vela   ninu,
Dhyanamu   jesinathindhuka
Menu   nee sommu   jeytakai  ,
May malladi na   thindhukaa
3. Was our  thinking about you  even while,
We were bathing and drinking , only for this purpose ,
Was our efforts    to offer   ourselves  ,
Completely to you, only for this purpose?
4.THaliru   bonulai   yamana nadhilo,
Dalladillu   tandhukaa,
Valachsu   dholi   janamamu   ramunuche  ,
Varamulu   badasina  thindhuka
4.Did we come   with a thin reed   to this,
River Yamuna  , only to suffer like this?
Was our our showing devotion to Rama ,
In our earlier birth  and getting boons only for this purpose.
5.Koti janmamulu  thapamulu   chesi,
Korinathellaa   nindhukaa ,
SAtileni   nee leelalu   manasuna  ,
Sairinchiyunna   dhindhukaa
5.Our observening penance   for croes of births,
And making requests,  was it for this purpose  ,
Our  tolerating  your matchless   sports ,
And troubles   , was for this purpose.
6.Aagama nigama purana   charutani  ,
Yanusarinchina  dhindhuka,
Thyagaraja nutha   tharaka nama  nee ,
Thathwamu   delisina dhindhuka
6.Our following you thinking   that  you are one,
Who wanders in Vedas, Puranas and Agamas , was  it for this purpose ,
Oh Lord who has a name leading to salvation  ,
And who is worshipped by Thyagaraja,
Did  we     come to know of your principles for this sake?
14.Krishna maakemi   dhova   baluku
(The Gopis tell Krishna   about their problems and   requests     for his help.)
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated  by,
Ragam Punnagavarali
Thalam  Chapu
Krishna maakemi   dhova   baluku,
Keerthi  galgunu   deva deva   bala
Oh Bala Krishna, god of Gods, What  is the way ,
For us, Tell us. You would  get a lot of fame  .
Sarige   ravikelellaa  boye   verri  ,
Kaliki   meluorvaye 
All our  zari blouses  have been lost?We ,
Are not able    to tolerate    this  intense cold.
1.Sarivarilo siggu  poye   neeru  ,
Janulapai   daganaaye  Bala
1.We have lost our self respect among equals,
The water    has risen  to the level of our thigh
2.SArvamu  nenaukonna   needhu  ,
Samarthyamu  joopu  , china bala
2.Oh Golden boy   who thinks that   you are,
Everything , please   show your capacity.
3.Bayaleni   mammu   neevu yayu-
Payamaina   thepi  brovu.
3. Show some  trick of yours  and save us,
Who cannot   part    from you .
4.Matho   jeraga  yintha  badagalge  ,
Marathumaa   yika   prana nadhaa  , bala
4.Oh our soul like Lord , it is because   you joined us  ,
This problem came to you  , we will not forget it.
5.Indhukanusu  thalli   sakeno   leka,
Ye  papula kandlu  dakeno
5.Did yor mother bring you up for  this,
Or which sinner’s evil eye fell   on you  .
6.Rakendhu mukha  dhayradha  THyaga –
Rajarchitha   , brova radha    sri
8.Oh Lord with full  moon  like face, Don’t you have mercy?
Oh Lord worshipped by Thyagaraja   can’t you  save us.
  15.Indhukemi sethu mamma   
(Krishna tells them to plug   the  hole in  the boat by their cloths .The Gopis react.)
Saint  Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam  Varali
Thalam CHapu
Indhukemi sethu mamma   Krushnu-
Dentho  matalade namma
What shall we do for this, That Krishna ,
Is telling us some thing.
Maguvalante  intha  vaadhaa  maku  ,
Maname  pranamu  gadhaa
Do you think so badly about ladies ,
Is not self respect   our soul .
1.Kusa  kusalanthemi   vachu  ippu,
Dusurunde   ooru povochu.
Krishna:1.What is the point in muttering  something,
Among yourselves, If you  are alive   we can go back home.
2.vanithalakani  yevvaraina Krishnaa ,
Vanchanagaa  balka  dagunaa
Gopis:2Hey Krishna  , is it proper   for you talk ,
In such a cheating way   to ladies?
3.Hatamu seya  vela gathu,Athmma,
Hahya  gaani vere   ledhu
Krishna:3.This  is not time to be obstinate,
This is a suicide   and nothing else.
4.Nangamakaa  nilva   vasama Krishnaa,
Nalugurilo  neeku yasamaa
Gopis :4. oH Krishna, Can we stand  naked here  ,
Would this give you fame in public.
5.Naa matalu   vini meeru   vega,
Nanu  gattu jerppa  boneeru
Krishna:5. Would you not obey my words,
And speedily taka me back to shore?
6.Lalanala  papamu   lemo  yee ,
Lagu  vraaatha   lunde  nemo
Gopis 6:What sins have these ladies done , Is it ,
Their   fate to suffer  like this  ?
7. Velaku  theesina   valapurathu   kana,
Velathula  ika nammarathu
Krishna:7 love cannot be purchased  ,  we shoulf not,
Believe in ladies from now.
8.Rajanya  itu  yenchavaladhu   Thyaga,
Raja vnutha   prema  galadhu
Gopis :8.Oh royal hero  who is worshipped  by,
Thyagaraja  , You should not  think like that  ,
We have   great love towards   you.
16.Veda vakhyamani yenchiri
(The Gopis obey Krishna, closed the hole in the boat . Water entered  and their cloths flew away. They  lost their pride.)
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam  Mohana
Thalam   Chapu
Veda vakhyamani yenchiri yee,
Veladhu lella sammathinchiri
  Assuming that   words  of Krishna ,
Are   the   words of Vedas    they   agreed.
Cheeralanniyu   vadalinchiri yentho  ,
Siggu   chetha   nandhu  nunchiri
 They removed all their saris and with  great,
Shyness , they   closed the hole of the boat.
1.Andhuna   niluvaka   poyenu   menu ,
Lanthariki   dhadavanaa yeth.
1.Due to that the water did not stop,
Water level increased and their bodies became  wet.
2.Kanukondhuno yani   saraguna  balindla  ,
Karamula   mooya   marugunaa.
2.Scared that some people would see them,
They hid their breasts by their hands.
3.Manamulanu   moosu kondharao , thama  ,
Pranamulanu   gaka   kondhuro.
3.They wondered whether   to hide their respectability,
Or to    save their souls  .
4.Chelula  norandaka   nayenu   neeru  ,
Chilu chilumani  yekku vaayennu.
4.The mouth of those   ladies dried  and water ,
Climbed   up making  sound “chala, chala.”
5.Valvalu ganaka   poyenu  sathula,
Vadanamu  latu srukkanayethu.
5. The dresses disappeared, and,
The face of ladies faded .
6.Karagi karagi  yangalarchiri  chelulu  ,
Kamalakshu   nuramunu jerchiri.
6. Their hearts melted   and they went on prattling  ,
And they hugged   Lord Krishna to their  chest.
7.Kanula   kaduka  neeru  kaaragaa   joochi  ,
Kanthudentho  muddhu  karagaa.
7.When the  tears  driopped   along with their,
Applied Kajal, the face   of   Krishna   became  happy.
8.Ramanula madhamella   jarikenu   Thyaga-
Rajanutha  mathi karakenu.
8. The pride   of the ladies was destroyed ,
And the mind of lord praised by Thyagaraja  melted.
17.Hari , hari neeyokka divya
 (The Gopis realize Hari  is God and worship him.)
Saint  Thyagaraja
Translated  by
Ragam Punnagavarali
Thalam  Aadhi
Hari , hari neeyokka divya,
Padaravinda miyyave
Oh Hari, Hari, give your divine feet to us
Daranu  galuku  boga   bhagyamellanu  ,
THathyamu   gadhu    sumaa Sri Krishna
In this earth     the  pleasures as  well as luck,
 Are   not permanent   oh Sri Krishna,
1.Sanaka  , sanandhana   sri Narada   shukar-
Juna   munulellaa   nuthinchu  ,
Vana janyana   brahmadhi     sankran-
Dhana  ganulella  sevinchu.
1.Praised  by sages like   SAnka  ,  Sananthana  ,
Narada, Shuka    and Arjuna    and served  by  ,
Great Gods like    Indra, Brahma    Sankara  ,
And others 
2.Munu , Veda   puranagama  sasthra  ,
Vidhyala   nella   charinchu  ,
Gana sama  Neela   niranjana  nirguna,
Kanikaramuna  Thyagaraja  bavinhu .
2. Give us   the feet Which travels among Vedas  , Puranas  , SAsthras  ,
And  agamas  , which is meditated  by Thyagaraja,
Oh Lotus eyed  lord  , who is   blue  like   the rich cloud,
Oh stainless one   , Oh Lord without any characteristics .
18. Gandhamu  puyyarukaa panneru
(One Gopi exhorts  all of them to worship sri Krishna)
Saint  Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam  Punnaga varali
Thalam  Aadhi
Gandhamu  puyyarukaa panneru
Till our  desire ends    apply sandal paste   and  rose water
Anthamaina   yadhu  nandanu pai ,
Kundha radhanaliravondhaga   Parimala
Oh ladies with jasmine bud like   teeth   on ,
The son of Yadhu dynasty   we will apply scented
1.THilakamu  dithdarugaa  
Kasthuri    thilakami   dithdarugaa  ,
Kala kala muni  mukha   kala gani sokkusu ,
Balukula  namruthamu   lolikedu  swamiki.
1.They put a thilaka on the lord,
THeu put a musk Thilaka   on the lord  ,
And attracted   by   the  luster  of his face  ,
They also applied   sandal paste  on the lord,
From whose words   the nectar was flowing.
2.CHelamu  gattarugaa  bangaru  ,
Chelamu kattarugaa ,
Malimitho   Gopala  balulatho  ,
Nala mepina  visala nayanuki
2. They tied a dress   to the lord,
They tied golden dress to  the Lord,
And applied sandal paste on the broad eyed Lord ,
Who  joined them all with    the cowherd  boys  .
3.Harathlu leddheruga , muthyala,
Hara thulu  leddherugaa ,
Nari manulaku   varamu  youvana ,
Varaka yosagedu varijakshuniki.
3. They  offered him lamp worship,
They offered worship with pearl lamps ,
They applied sandal    to the  lotus eyed  one,
Who offered  his youth   in return ,
 To those    gems of ladies.
4.Poojalu seyarukaa , manasara ,
Poojalu seyaruka  ,
Jajulu   mari  virivajulu   dhavanamu  ,
Rajitha   Thyagaraja  nuthunuki.
4. They offered   worship to him ,
They  offered him   worship with all their mind ,
With Jaji, Iruvakshi  , Davana     and other   flower,
Oh Lord who is praised   by Thyagaraja.
19.Gum gum gumayani  vasanatho
(describes    how the Gopis   went to see   their lord krishna.)
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam  Saurashtram
Thalam Triputa
Gum gum gumayani  vasanatho mudhu
Gummalu   vedaliri   choodare
Please see   those dear  ladies   going ,
With    scent coming “Gum , gum”, from them.
Mamatha thonu   suravarulellaa   sura tharu  ,
Suma   vanalu   guriyimpa   vedkaga.
They went when with great affection all the devas,
Rained on them the flowers of a Karpaga tree.
1.Naluvanka  pagalu   vaddhulu   thejarilla ga  ,
Chelaga   sambrani   pogalu  gramma   gandha  po-
Dulu   challuchu   bayye  dhala  dheeyusu   banne-
Rulu    chilukusu   yadhu kula  veerunitho.
1.On all four sides   joss sticks    shining  ,
With smoke from Sambrani spreading everywhere ,
Throwing   scented   powders  in ample quantity ,
With upper cloth sliding down , spraying   rose water
2.Bangaru cheeralu   rangaina  ravikalu  ,
Nunguramulu  velayanga   soga  suga bu-,
Janga     sayunadaku   Rangapathini joochi  ,
Bongusu   thani vara   gowkalinchusunu.
2.Wearing golden dresses   and blouses  of different colours  ,
With ring shining   on their finger, after seeing  Lord Ranga .
Who was happily lying down on   the serpent,
Their hearts   were  filled with joy   and they hugged him with love.
3.Varamaina   kanaka  nopuramulu   gallana  ,
Nuramuna   , muthyala  sarulella   gadalaga  ,
Karamuna   sogasaina   viri  suradulache vi-
Saruchu   Thyagaraja Varaduni    Pogadusu.
3,. With the best of golden anklets    making   sound  ,
With pearl necklaces   waving  on his chest ,
Fanning him  using pretty   floral fans ,
And singing praise of the Lord saluted  by Thyagaraja.
20.Makulamuna   kiha   pramosagina
Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam   Surati
 Thalam Chapu
Makulamuna   kiha   pramosagina neeku  ,
Mangalam , shubha mangalam
To you   who gave great pleasure  to our clan,
Auspiciousness  , divine auspiciousness .
Maa kula brochina  madana Janaka neeku,
Mangalam, Shubha mangalam
Oh  father of cupid who protected our clan ,
To you auspiciousness  , divine auspiciousness .
1.Madha gaja  mana   manitha   sathguna   neeku,
Mangalam Shubha Magalam
Mada mohi rahitha   manjula   roopa   dhara  neeku
Mangalam, Shubha mangalam,
1.Oh Lord who walks like elephant in rut ,
Oh Lord   who is the treasure   of good recognized by all,
To you auspiciousness  , divine auspiciousness .
Oh Lord without pride or passion  who  has a pretty form,
To you auspiciousness  , divine auspiciousness .
2.Manasija vairi   manasa   sadana  neeku,
Mangalam, Shubha Mangalam,
Manavini   vini mammelu   konna neeku  ,
Mangalam , shubha  Mangalam
2.Oh Lord who resides in mind of Shiva  , the enemy of cupid,
To you auspiciousness  , divine auspiciousness .
Oh Lord who listened  to our appeal   and took us to you,
To you auspiciousness  , divine auspiciousness .
3.Ma manasuna   nela konna   Krishna neeku  ,
Mangalam Shubha mangalam,
Maamanohara   palitha Thyagaraja
Mangalam, Shubha manglam.
3.Oh Lord Krishna    who lives in our mind,
To you auspiciousness  , divine auspiciousness .
Oh Lord who stole mind of Lakshmi  and one who looks after Thyagaraja,
To you auspiciousness  , divine auspiciousness .
Phala  Sruthi
(the  effect of  hearing it)
Thyagaraja  kruthaam   punyaam,
Kadhaam   saddhu Manoharam  ,
Ye srunvanthi   naraa loke  ,
Thesham Krishna praseedhadhi.
This auspicious story composed by Thyagaraja ,
 Which steals   the heart of good people  ,
Would bring the    blessings to Lord Krishna,
To those men   who hear it in this world.

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