Monday, April 13, 2015

Maravakara nava manmatha roopuni

Maravakara  nava  manmatha   roopuni
Saint  Thyagaraja
Translated by
Ragam  Deva Gandhari
Thalam Aadhi
Maravakara  nava  manmatha   roopuni
Oh mind do not  forget  the God who,
Has the form of   the  ever  youthful  god of love ,
1.Needo  mellani  maado  kannula ,
THeto  mari  valevaado  manasaa
1.What a beauty , soft speech  , shine  in the eyes ,
Or  the   stylish upper garment  oh mind.
2,  Kuluko  pavala   giluko  kapurapu  ,
Baliuko   chekkula   thaluko manasa
2. What a graceful style of walk  ,jingle sound of the  anklets,
The speech  scented like camphor   or  the sheen of the cheeks, oh my mind
3.Villo  gantala  gallo  sumamula  ,
Illo   sevapu  kollo manasaa
3.What a bow , the jingling  sound of bells of  the bow,
A home decorated by flowers  or  hospitality  of servers.
4.Kelo   ungaralo bangaruyya,
LO  chentha nillalo   manasaa
4.  What a  long hand  , rings on fingers  , the swing ,
Made of gold   and  the wife by our side , Oh mind.
5,Charamo  kanakambaramo   sri kara  .
YUramo   brochethuramo  , Manasa.
5. What great arrows  , golden colour apparels  ,
Chest decorated by Lakshmi  or the  speed with which you protect, Oh mind.
6.AAjanmamu   hrud   rajeevamutho  ,
Poojinthura   Thyagaraja  nuthuni manasa
6.Oh mind worship   from  time of birth,
Woorship with lotus flower  that God praised by Thyagaraja.

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