Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Narayana ninna

Narayana ninna

Sage Purandara dasa

Translated by

Raga Shuddha danyasi
Tala Roopaka

Narayana, ninna naamada smaraneya,
Sara amruthavenna naligeege bar ali

1.Kuduvagali ninthaduvagali mathe haaduvagali, haridaguvagali,
Khoti vinodadi nodadhe na baalu madidha papa bittodi hogo hege.

2.Oorige hogali , oor olage irali karna antharanga lella kadirali,
Vaarija naabha , nara sarathi sannutha sari sarige na besaradhaage.

3.Hasividdagali , hasi villadhagali, rasa kasi irali harusirali ,
Vasudevathmaka , Shishupalakasaya , asuranthaka , ninna hesaru mareyadhage.

4.Kashtadallirali , uthkrishtadallirali, eshtadaremathi kettirali,
Krishna, Krishna endhu sishtaru piluva , ashtaksharada maha manthrada namava.

5.Kanasilogalli kanavalikaagali manasu kottirali munidiralli
Janakajapathi ninna charana kamalavanu manasil olage omme nenasikkollo hage

6.Jwara bandhagai chali bandhagali , marali , marali mathe naduguvagagali,
Hari Narayana duritha nivarana nendu irulu hagalu smarane mareyadhu hege.

7.Santhatha Hari ninna sasira namavu antharanga olagirisi,
Yentho Purandara Vittala rayane . anthya kala dhalli chinthiso hage.

English translation


Oh Narayana , the thought of your name,
Is the essence of nectar and let it come to my toungue.


1. How can the sins committed in my life leave and run away from me.
Whether I am in the state sitting, standing , singing or running ,
Or stay without bothering about the crores of recreations ,

2.Whether I go to the town or stay inside the town ,
Or whether all my secret wishes are not satisfied,
Oh God with lotus on belly , Oh God who was charioteer of Arjuna,
Let me be able to chant your name without getting bored.

3.Whether I am hungry , or not hungry or when I am upset or flying with happiness,
Oh son of Vasudeva, killer of Shishupala killer of Rakshasas, how can I forget your name.

4.Whether I am in trouble or in greatly elated mood ,
Or even if my mind has been spoiled to any extent,
When the learned people chant “Krishna,” “Krishna”,
Oh God , let me chant your eight lettered mantra .

5.Whether in dreams or in perturbed state or peaceful time or in bad temper,
Oh consort of daughter of Janaka would you not make me remember,
Your lotus like feet at least once, won’t you?

6.When fever comes or when cold comes or again and again when shivering comes,
Understand that Hari Narayana is the one who removes all our problems,
And meditate on him throughout the day and night without forgetting, Ok.

7.Oh Hari after always make me keep your thousand names in my mind,
Says Purandara Vittala instead of thinking about it only at time of death.

(Note. Many people sing only the second and 7th charanams instead of all the verses.)

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