Friday, September 23, 2016

Mudhiraigal Sakshi - Meenakshi Thalattu

Mudhiraigal Sakshi  - Meenakshi Thalattu

Translated by 

Raga  Neelambari

(Here is a pretty Lullaby   to  Goddess Meenakshi of Madhuari. You can hear it sung in )

Mudhiraigal  SAkshi  ,
Moovulagum  un Akshi  ,
Madhurai Meenakshi 
Thalelo  , THalelo

The ancient   sastras    are your witness
All the three  worlds   you rulr,
Oh Meenakshi of Madurai,
Please sleep, please sleep


THamarai un Padangal ,
THandai oli naadangal ,
Ma marayil perezhile,
Aranange  Thalelo ,
Madurai Meenakshi  Thalelo , thalelo

Your feet are lotus flowers,
The musical sound we hear is  the sound of your anklets,
Oh prettiness   of the great Vedas,
Oh Pretty lady  , please sleep,
Oh Meenakshi of Madurai please sleep, please sleep,.


1,Manikhy thottil katti  ,
Mani kannil mai  theetti.
AAni pon menikku anikalankal pootti ,
Varunikka   un pakkam  Chokkanadhar  Varuvaaro,
Madhurai meenakshi  thalelo thalelo

Tying a cradle made  of ruby  ,
After  decorating your  gem of the eyes with  Kajal,
Wearing ornaments on your body of unalloyed gold,
Would Chokkanathar   come   to your side to describe you  ,
Oh Meenakshi of Madurai please sleep, please sleep,.

2,Jnalamellam   alanthan  un thamayan,
Halam  undaan   arumai  nayakan,
Nilla pranava  porul  uraitha  kandhan un balakan ,
Kola Ganapathi pazham kandu unai valam vandhaaro,
Mahurai Meenakshi Thalelo , Thalelo

Worlds   were       measured   by  your elder   brother,
Your dear husband   ate  poison,
The skanda who  told  the meaning of “om  “ but who did not wait  is your son,
Did    the pretty   Ganesa seeing the mango fruit go round you,
Oh Meenakshi of Madurai please sleep, please sleep,.

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