Thursday, September 15, 2016

Bhavayami sadaa Sangeetha Subbalakshmi

Tomorrow  is the 100th  birthday   of the great M S Subbalakshmi  . On this very  auspicious day  I am  bringing to you   one krithi   composed   on her to kindle her memory in to you

Bhavayami sadaa  Sangeetha  Subbalakshmi

Chithraveena   Ravi Kiran

Translated  by

( Here  is a Krithi  extolling   the greatness of  Bharatha Rathna   MS by  another  great Musician   Chithraveena  Ravi Kiran. You can hear this great song  rendered by his disciples in . The krithi is also translated there but my  translation  is slightly   different .

Deva Manohari
BHavayami sadaa   sangeetha   Subbalakshmim
I always    meditate on   the musical maestro  Subbalakshmi
Bhava bhakthi   poorna  sunada  niratham –ich-
Chavara  sadaa shiva   bhoodeva  manoharim.

Who is filled  with pure sound  filled with  devotion along with   emotion,
Who   became consort of SAdashiva who is a groom    who liked her.
Hameer Kalyani
Madhura puri shanmuka   sundari   priya suthaam,
Su Dharam chala chithra   vesha  meeraa  Kalyanim

Darling daughter  of Shanumukha   Sundari   of the  city of Madhura,
Who  acted  the character  of auspicious  Meera   in a   Cine film.

Sri Venkateswara   seva   sironmaneem   maneem   sath sva-
BHavam  prabhavam  sulalithaam maninmanim,

The head gem  in the service  of Lord Venkateswara, who is ,
A  gem of   good character, who is  powerfilled,
Who is   simply and easy   and  who is  wish gem of the  mind.

Kaala   deshatheetha brinda anusarineem,
Sheela  chinthamanim   namratha  pooraneem.

She was the follower of musician bRinda  who   transcended  time and space ,
Who  shines with goiod thoughts and is full of humility

Nasika bhooshani
MIthratratha poshinim  su nasika  bhooshaneem  pa-,
Vithram  sunethram  athi madurya   bhashinim

She who nurtured friendship , who wore a  pretty nose stud,
Who is pure  , who had a great   eyes   and speaks   sweetly.

Bharatha kala rathna amoolya   samvardhaneem ,
Udara   guna   bharithaam  ravi sasi  sama sasvatheem.

She who received the invaluable title   of BHaratha  Rathna  ,
Who is full of charitable feelings and who is permanent like sun and the moon.

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