Thursday, October 29, 2015

Neelayathakshi (Telugu) by Shyama Shastri

Shyama Sastri

Translated by

(You can hear it  as one of the songs sung by Dr.S.Ramanathan in  )

Raga Paraju(Paras)
THala Triputa

Nilayathakshi, Jagat  sakshi

Phalakshuni Rani , palitha sritha  sreni,

1.Dheenarakshaki , Abhaya dhanam  iyyave,
Sama Gana LOle , Abhimanam iyyave  DEvi

2. Adhi Sakthi Kaumari  , medinilo ninu pogada,
Adhi seshu kaina radhika , ne yemi   jeppudu devi

3. Kamapalini   vinu   nee namamule  ,
Dharma Artha Kama moksha michedhi,
Shyama Krishna Palini devi

English translation
Oh goddess  with blue eyes , you are  the witness  of the world,

You are the Queen of the God with eyes  on the forehead,
And  the chosen   great Goddess   who protects

1.You are  the protectress  of the  suffering, please give me charity  of protection,
Oh Goddess  who loves to hear Sama Veda , please give me self respect

2.Oh  lass of Primeval power,  in this world even Adhi sesha cannot ,
Praise you adequately  and what can I say.

3. Of protector of our desires , please hear , it is only your name,
That gave us Dharma , wealth , love  and salvation ,
Oh Goddess   who takes care of Shyama Krishna

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